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Loading...LET'S GO BOYS! #ALWAYSFNATIC #FNCWIN ![a2f9fb11-0017-45c8-95fd-b26dae2f6bd1.jpeg](https://cdn.fnatic.com/community/1624d509-3451-419c-984b-080374397d22.jpeg)
KurishinaCitizen Key Holder
Loading...Hello @Rekkles, you're the reason I played ADC all my life. I gotta ask though, are you permanently going to be a support from now on if you went pro again? Or is this just a temporary position you're going to play? I wish you the best regardless of what you play.
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Rekkles AMA
KurishinaCitizen Key Holder
Loading...I know it feels good to win, and of course because we're qualified for the Season Finals, but it's hard not to feel sad for Team Heretics, especially Jankos. I really liked Jankos even before and it's heartbreaking to see him devastated in the post game interview. I hope he still comes back next season with a lot of hope and strength, y'all crushed it this split. Well played to both teams, I hope their roster stays the same. Congratulations to the bois at Fnatic, we will always march with you. Now, onwards to XL for a chance at Grand Finals.
KurishinaCitizen Key Holder
Loading...it's just the classic Fnatic heart attacks, a normal day in the office lol
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