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Hope all is well 🙏🏻

It’s been a while since we touched base on this platform and I figured it would be a perfect time to do it again with the split behind us and all the marbles about to unveil in coming weeks of play.

Regardless of how things ended, the teams included got a clean slate and now have a chance to prove themselves on a new patch. Something that might favor Fnatic, as their skill ceiling is really high and 4 weeks “break” could allow them to reach it (or closer to it than the previous playoffs did with only 2 weeks of prep). Going into the split they had roughly 1 month together, to give you a sense of what this potentially means.

Anyways, feel free to ask me anything. I’ll do my best to answer as many questions as possible 😇


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Avatar for maaku
maaku@maaku• 31/07/2023
Loading...How do you deal with all the toxicity about you? If you even acknowledge it, that is.
Avatar for AZEK160
AZEK160@AZEK160• 31/07/2023
Loading...Hi Rekkles 👋 any games you might fancy playing on stream? also, have you checked other Fnatic teams in other esports?
Avatar for sarutatsu
sarutatsu@sarutatsu• 31/07/2023
Loading...Do you think.its hard to be a pro and lbgtq as there isn't much representation
Avatar for TomasBast
TomasBast@TomasBast• 31/07/2023
Loading...Are you getting coached/helped by someone with the transition into support, or do you have to figure it all out by yourself?
Avatar for hynise
hynise@hynise• 31/07/2023
Loading...Do you think you’ll ever go back to ADC after playing supp?
Avatar for Pyrø
Pyrø@DatPyro• 31/07/2023
Loading...Have you ever had contact with any player from the csgo roster? Specially from the all swedish team era
Avatar for Keisari
Keisari@Keisari• 31/07/2023
Loading...If team qualify to worlds. Are you traveling with them to korea?
Avatar for Jhin Wick IV
Loading...What would be some general words of wisdom that you would give to everyone here that could apply to pretty much anything and everything?
Avatar for BetaBOOD
BetaBOOD@BetaBOOD• 31/07/2023
Loading...Does any team want you as support for next season right now?
Avatar for Aditya Nashikkar
Loading...Hello Rekkles Senpai. Do you believe that if Fnatic drastically improves, it could take on an LPL or LCK team in a BO5 at world’s
Avatar for holoowl
holoowl@holoowl• 31/07/2023
Loading...Now that you are more established in the support role. Which western adc’s would you like to play with?
Avatar for Hikmet
Hikmet@Hikmet• 31/07/2023
Loading...Are you single or taken?
Avatar for AvarOsa
AvarOsa@AvarOsa• 31/07/2023
Loading...Hello Rekky , do you think support suits you more than ADC ?
Avatar for igueron
igueron@igueron• 31/07/2023
Loading...Why did u decide to take away your rekkless tatoo. And what Do your new tattoos mean ?
Avatar for RoyaL
RoyaLCitizen Key Holder@RoyaL• 31/07/2023
Loading...How have you found your time on the analyst desk in LEC? You've seemed to fit in well.
Avatar for TheCracker
TheCracker@TheCracker• 31/07/2023
Loading...Hello Rekkles Do you still plan on going to Korea? And if so, would you consider staying with Nemesis. I'm sure you could make a lot of amazing content together. Also generally it would be nice if you interacted more with other pros/streamers (make content together - for example when live viewing pro games)
Avatar for aLprausH
aLprausH@aLprausH• 31/07/2023
Loading...This might be already answered somewhere else, but you feel so calm and collected and even your adc gameplay was about being methodical, so why the handle Rekkles?
Avatar for Martin Larsson
Loading...@aLprausH The handle Rekkles comes from a friend of mine who thought I was very “cold blooded” during my high elo games back in the day. I’d play (and he’d watch me) against the best players and do really well without any kind of reaction or nerves going into it. Before then I was known as “CMEL96” which was much of a gaming tag so figured it was about time I got one.
Avatar for Kalmia
Kalmia@Kalmia• 31/07/2023
Loading...Hi :) how can I send you a fan art? It’s special and I don’t want to post it in social media before you see it 😭. My question is: did you like “The Rings of Power?”
Avatar for Phantom Morgan
Loading...Tips on becoming a good adc? Like some play styles, specific builds etc. Also how does it feel to play support right now? Is it completely different than adc or there are some similarities?
Avatar for Adiii
Adiii@Titan.xT• 31/07/2023
Loading...if hyli and you have an opportunity to reunite in a team in future, would you swap back to adc? i remember you and hyli smashing every botlane from 2018-2020 Love you Martin 🖤🧡
Avatar for AglanYlthin
Loading...Hello Rekkles. Hope you are enjoying the free time you have for yourself now. I wanted to ask if you pay attention to the narratives about yourself or just ignore them and focus on yourseld. What is a support champ you feel is out of your "comfort zone" but you would love to learn? And as someone who owns plushies to this day, I noticed in one of your tiktoks you had a small teddy bear and I was wondering if you name it or not? Wish you good luck with the roleswap and hope to see you in LEC next year!
Avatar for Christos Iliadis
Loading...1)Can we expect seeing you playing champs like pyke? 2) in your training process of learning support role, have you been in contact with other supports (maybe previous teammates) for advices and tips? All the best and good luck Rekky! 🧡🖤
Avatar for Kurishina
KurishinaCitizen Key Holder@Kurishina• 31/07/2023
Loading...Hello @Rekkles, you're the reason I played ADC all my life. I gotta ask though, are you permanently going to be a support from now on if you went pro again? Or is this just a temporary position you're going to play? I wish you the best regardless of what you play.
Avatar for k1ngsl3y
k1ngsl3y@k1ngsl3y• 31/07/2023
Loading...Are you watching the women’s World Cup? What team are you rooting for?
Avatar for Loki
LokiModerator@Loki• 31/07/2023
Loading...What does this Fnatic lineup need to work on in order to beat G2 in season finals? How big is the gap between both teams in your opinion? + What was it like sharing a team house with the Valorant team?
Avatar for blueforgetmenot
Loading...Hi! Hope life's been treating you well :D Which ADC player(s) would you like to support for? Doesn't have to be competitive, just a matchup you think would be fun for you personally. All goes, active or inactive/retired, any region. Thank you and have a good one!
Avatar for JustaOnetrick
Loading...Is there a chance we see you back at fnatic?🥹
Avatar for ToByt
ToByt@ToByt• 31/07/2023
Loading...Your tattoos are absolutely amazing. How long did all tattoo sessions take in total? Do you plan on getting new tattoos?
Avatar for Martin Larsson
Loading...@ToByt I’ve done about 140 hours total, give or take 35 sessions 4 hours each. Need to add some white ink on the blackout sleeves, some stuff to the legs and neck. Hoping to be done with everything this year, would be nice to get a proper photo shoot done to showcase Vinnie’s astonishing work (@vinniesahlen on Instagram).
Avatar for Flay
Flay@Flay2Day• 31/07/2023
Loading...Hi Rekkles, Since you have swapped to support, what are the new insights you have gained from playing it? With this knowledge do you now look differently at past experiences with other supports when you were playing adc? Much love and thanks for doing an AMA
Avatar for Nolvi
Nolvi@xNolvi• 31/07/2023
Loading...Have you had time to enjoy summertime in Sweden? How are you feeling about not playing in FNC atm? Is it stressful not knowing exactly what the future holds for you? Like, how do you cope (if needed). Do you find time to relax (actually relax, both mind and body). We know you quite well as an ADC. But how would you describe your main characteristics as support? What are you good at and what needs more improvement? Also, do you feel ready to play support in any pro team?
Avatar for EricIndigo
EricIndigo@EricIndigo• 31/07/2023
Loading...DJ Career when?🫡
Avatar for Ties
Ties@Ties• 31/07/2023
Loading...Hi DJ Rekky! I have some questions about your transition into the support role😃 - Which champs do you currently enjoy the most, and which ones are you currently not yet as good at but want to improve on more? - Are you going to Korea in around October this year to bootcamp there? If you do, can you please stream for us and tell us about what have learned there? Talk or train with some pro’s there! I’m sure they’d love to help you out😄😄👏🏻 - And finally what would you like your role to be in a team when you join your next one - do you want to be a heavy shotcaller, do you want to play perfectly defensively to enable your carry? Do you want to be a roamer? Do you want to act as a veteran and be a leader for your team ingame and out? Or do you want to be a more reserved support, focusing on your own play and following the groove of the team? - Lastly and it’s okay to not answer this one but do you want to stay in Fnatic if possible⚡️? You’re awesome! Thanks for answering and I hope to see you soon on stream :) 🖤🧡
Avatar for Diemon
Diemon@Diemon• 31/07/2023
Loading...When will we see you again?
Avatar for LORDromik
LORDromikPioneer Key Holder@LORDromik• 31/07/2023
Loading...Will you be in LEC 2024? I'm literally watching just because of you
Avatar for Kirengi
KirengiCitizen Key Holder@Kirengi• 31/07/2023
Loading...- What so you think of Noah, Trymbi and their duo in the botlane ? - Have you ever considered positional coaching ? I’d love to see you help the team during Season Finals. - How is the transition to support going ? Does it fit you more ? - Saw the DJ set, who’s your favorite DJ ?
Avatar for Nolvi
Nolvi@xNolvi• 31/07/2023
Loading...What is your dream occupation? 1 occupation you think is unrealistic in your future but would be fantastic, and 1 you think you could achieve if you work towards it.
Avatar for Martin Larsson
Loading...@xNolvi Always wanted to be a football pro (still do). Quite unrealistic dream as the years go by, but follow the scene fondly. Especially Haaland these days, he’s so awesome. I was gonna write DJ as a more realistic dream, but honestly the more I get into it the more I realize it’s gonna be really hard to get there. Producing music is a whole different world and I’m gonna have to seriously commit to it if I wanna get anywhere. So maybe something to test after my career (for example give myself 1 year to make it happen or cancel kind of thing).
Avatar for EvillizedBun
Loading...i think i shoulh play adc, can you supporting me any methods
Avatar for FNC-BlueForce55
Loading...Would you consider being a coach for Fnatic?
Avatar for Martin Larsson
Loading...@FNC-BlueForce55 Definitely, but coaching is what I would like to do after everything else. It’s always going to be an option for me so don’t want to rush into it before I’ve explored other possibilities to maximize my growth. This in turn will also help me be a great coach instead of what I’d be right now, a decent coach. In my opinion it takes more than game knowledge to lead a group in the right direction. In some way I think playing support will help me learn a lot of the things that’s needed for coaching.
Avatar for Sextiz
Sextiz@Sextiz• 31/07/2023
Loading...What do you think about the future now that you roleswapped?? Do you intend to fight for being in the starting line up in fnatic as support? Or maybe you will try to find another team and get experience as support in the league? You seem very happy in fnatic, thats why i ask if you want to stay or leave. Thanks king in the north!!
Avatar for Fl0wtoc
Fl0wtoc@Fl0wtoc• 31/07/2023
Loading...What roster is for you the better of tour carreer ?
Avatar for nSM-
nSM-@nSM-• 31/07/2023
Loading...How is your journey into transitionning to support going ? Are you in any shape or form involved with the current team ? Also what do you think this team could work on in order to reach their ceiling ?
Avatar for Secare
SecarePioneer Key Holder@Secare• 31/07/2023
Loading...Hey Rekkles such a huge fan and hope you are doing well! 2 questions If you could build a super team who would you have in each role. (Can take from any region) What will you do after retiring from being a pro player. Would you stay in scene? Would love to see you do analyst desk and appearances more too! Would love to hopefully meet you one day 🧡🖤
Avatar for Oleg Uwuski
Loading...@Secare I believe the content creation team made a youtube video on the first question you asked, only a few months ago
Avatar for FrostLibra
FrostLibra@FrostLibra• 31/07/2023
Loading...Will you be rejoining the roster and playing the support role in the upcoming games?
Avatar for FNC Cloud
FNC CloudCitizen Key Holder@SirCloud• 31/07/2023
Loading...What is your Favorite Type of Music ?
Avatar for BloodyMace
BloodyMacePioneer Key Holder@BloodyMace• 31/07/2023
Loading...What's your involvement with the current roaster? Do you watch vods with them or share scrim time? In the future, do you see yourself as part of team management/support or more of a streamer?
Avatar for MrRyderLOL
MrRyderLOL@MrRyderLOL• 31/07/2023
Loading...Do you still train with the team and when can we see you again in the LEC (with Fnatic ?) ?
Avatar for NotEdd
NotEdd@NotEdd• 31/07/2023
Loading...What is your plan in terms of timelines of going back to pro-play?
Avatar for Martin Larsson
Loading...@NotEdd The plan is to make a bigger push towards the end of the year (most likely a Korea trip) and then see what opportunities arise for 2024. Would be interesting to get a feeling for what level I can reach with 20 games a day for 1 month straight. To see how right (or wrong) I was about the role swap before committing to a team in good faith. Same reason as to why I declined requests for this summer, I need to know for myself first what I’m able to get done before signing anywhere.
Avatar for Fncfanboy31
Loading...could you give me a greeting? I am from Mexico and you are my favorite adc. 🫶🏻
Avatar for Brysoo
BrysooPioneer Key Holder@brysoo• 31/07/2023
Loading...Who would your dream adc to support be?
Avatar for Martin Larsson
Loading...@brysoo We have a lot of great ADC players in Europe so I think it wouldn’t matter in the end, can learn something from all of them. Maybe best would be to get paired with someone who doesn’t see the game the same way as I do so we can reach a higher high, but with a slower curve. Similar vibe to what me and Hyli managed to create together eventually.
Avatar for aziz-sbai
aziz-sbai@aziz-sbai• 31/07/2023
Loading...How much are u envolved with the team right now ? , cause i think they could really use advices and opinions about the game from you
Avatar for Martin Larsson
Loading...@aziz-sbai As much as they want me to be, I’m happy to assist in whatever way possible to see the team succeed.
Avatar for owenmelbz
owenmelbzOfficial@owenmelbz• 31/07/2023
Loading...How are you finding your time away from the front line? Seems like it’s been a while!
Avatar for Martin Larsson
Loading...@owenmelbz It’s been fun to do something else than playing all day every day, but my passion lies with competing and I will do everything I can to make a return next year.
Avatar for cubiclol1
cubiclol1@cubiclol1• 31/07/2023
Loading...Do you think fnc can beat G2 or be better than them?
Avatar for Martin Larsson
Loading...@cubiclol1 I wouldn’t bet against G2 right now, they’ve been incredible ever since MSI. It’s not often we see teams with this level of play. However, it’s important to mention how good Fnatic was in the regular season with 1 month of preparation leading into it. We’re in a similar situation now, as their next game is on the 26th/27th of August. With such a stacked roster, good grasp of the patch and a longer period leading into it there’s a chance we get to see something special. Fingers crossed!
Avatar for Juliyx
Juliyx@Juliyx• 31/07/2023
Loading...How are you enjoying your journey and new challenges that came with role swapping? ☺️
Avatar for Martin Larsson
Loading...@Juliyx It’s been difficult, but not impossible. After doing the same thing for such a long time I will need a moment to reinvent myself, but happy to put the effort and hopefully that alongside my experience makes me a valuable asset moving forward. I’d like to believe that this will allow me to bring more to a team than previously.
Avatar for Teslaaxd
Teslaaxd@Teslaaxd• 31/07/2023
Loading...What adc’s do you feel like are strongest in this patch atm? And what to build on them?
Avatar for CrUZzzAdo_J3r0
Loading...Cachame Rekkles
Avatar for hassinouss
hassinouss@hassinouss• 31/07/2023
Loading...Are you staying within the team?
Avatar for Martin Larsson
Loading...@hassinouss If I get the chance to stay I will stay.