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Fnatic since 20th Apr 2023

offline Fnatic fan since 2018
average bot/top/supp/mid in that order


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20 Years
VCT EMEA Stage 2 Champion
LEC Summer 2024
19 Years
Tokyo Masters Champions
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Christmas Badge 2023

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Phantom Morgan
Loading...Tips on becoming a good adc? Like some play styles, specific builds etc. Also how does it feel to play support right now? Is it completely different than adc or there are some similarities?
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Rekkles AMA
Phantom Morgan
Loading...It's not so good so far but you're right! Hope you have a good day too ☺️
Phantom Morgan
Loading...I dropped a follow but it's my only account so I have a lot of shitposting in Polish 😩 But I'm down to sharing FNC hype 🧡🖤
Phantom Morgan
Loading...That game was incredible! Oscar was an absolute goat but so were the others. I mean, if someone had to break that clean score of MAD that had to be us. And we did it with style. I was so happy to see our name on top of the standings I even screenshoted that 😂