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Fnatic since 8th Mar 2023

relatively new esports fan (and as such a new fnatic), became one after seeing my boi Boaster with kpop dance covers.
currently on Threads & Bluesky; formerly active on both Twitter and Reddit.


Collection of badges currently held via on and offline events

LEC Spring 2024
LEC Winter 2024
Home Ground Champions 2023
Fnatic Worlds 2023
Champions Los Angeles
19 Years
Tokyo Masters Champions
App Horizon
Christmas Badge 2023

Community activity

Loading...I do like Bwipo and Trymbi as well, but Caedrel really takes the top League streamer for me lmaoo
Loading...@Ibby Somewhat, but i don’t have enough remaining storage for it anymore, so I’m thinking of replacing it soon. Thinking of sticking to Nokia, but can switch to a Samsung, or a Xiaomi (as well as the some sub-brands of Xiaomi); Google Pixel isn’t officially available here :(
Loading...@Ibby i currently use an iPhone XS Max, and a Nokia 3.1 Plus. Replaced the battery on the latter, the screen on the former (planning on replacing the battery as well) On day to day, I use my iPhone more, but I do use my Nokia for other stuff (eg. watching on Twitch, managing my WearOS)