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Gym enthusiast, Gamer, Streamer, Disney Marathon Finisher, Mr. Beast 100M island participant, and former Sailor now Guardian (SpaceForce).

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Loading...Huuuuuuuuuge!!!! Welcome to the Orange and Black 🧡🖤
TruVyperPioneer Key Holder
Loading...EU, for the first time, has 4 teams qualify for Group Stage! Now time for predictions! Which team do you think is going all the way and why is it FNATIC? Who do you think will be 2nd place? Who will be MVP? Last but not least, which champions do you think the gentlemen will pick when we win it all?
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Loading...@KereS We are almost the same then… It really sucks and I hope FNATIC can find a solution even if a small one
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Loading...@Kurishina I’m Filipino so I sympathize with you. It was easier when we had a DOTA team.
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Loading...I know I’ve said it multiple times but it’s something I really want addressed. NA fans get the least when it comes to FNATIC. Wether it’s giveaways, merch, or in person events. I understand that we chose to be fans of an EU organization, but Japan got exclusive stuff and even their own membership perks. When it comes to the store, even as a pioneer, my discount goes down the drain when I have to factor in shipping and wait times are ridiculous. I’m not saying give us the world, but maybe every quarter or even twice a year, give NA fans exclusive access to something. From the biggest being a flight, hotel, and tickets to the LEC Finals to the smallest merch giveaway. Just something to feel that we are part of the bigger picture. I apologize if this sounds like I’m attacking the org in anyway. I’m just simply laying out frustration that has built with years of being an NA fan and I know there are more of us who feel the same way.
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