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Gym enthusiast, Gamer, Streamer, Disney Marathon Finisher, Mr. Beast 100M island participant, and former Sailor now Guardian (SpaceForce).

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Loading...Alright so for my 5 I would go with 1. Mastermind: Boaster. For the perfect plan with just enough chaos to confuse the enemy… and the Team but come out with the win. 2. Muscle: Adrian. I mean check his twitter. Speaks for itself. He’s not just strong, he’s also handsome and smart. 3. Tech: Davard. A very needed individual and can’t be replaced for someone cheap. We need a person good with all things technology to hack into the mainframe and sh*tpost while we take the money. Like Adrian, he is not just smart, but strong, handsome, and a Princess aparently. 4. Getaway Driver: Harry. I’ve seen him drive the BMW. He has no fear or disregard for red lights (for legal reasons, this is a joke). He won’t just help us escape, he’ll do it in style in the Official FNC BMW. 5. Rookie: Myself. Like in all heist, we need that one person who knows nothing but with time, experience, and help from the crew they will one day take the reigns. For now I’m just here to motivate or… Hype them up. **Special Mention: Tanni. She will be on comms in a whole different location because she is not up for heist but always there to support.** Bonus Question Answer: Of course I am biased and would love to make a comeback and maybe even be the DEDICATED Hypeman… in the official FNC Bra of course, but I’ll leave that to the boss.
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Loading...FNATIC NATION, ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?? Haha well as the title says it’s time for the question of the day from the one and only FNC Hypeman for Malmö, Semi-Finals. **QUESTION: If you were to set up a heist with any 5 members of FNC (content creators included), who would you pick and why?** **Bonus Question: Would you guys love to see a comeback of the Hypeman… but in FNC bra for Worlds???** Haha don’t actually have to answer this one. It’s for my personal data XD
TruVyperPioneer Key Holder
Loading...:fnatic: When thinking Fnatic, it used to be pictured with the faces of people like Rekkles, Brolan, JW, Febiven, and much more. Now, whoever thinks of Fnatic and doesn't bring up Pete, the GOAT of content creation, is a fool. I just want to be able to bask in some of that glory.