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Loading...Sad game but lets bounce back in Summer ![image_2024-06-01_120058749.png](https://cdn.fnatic.com/community/ddba7637-c503-444d-a864-2e4384555f9f.png)
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Loading...Let's gooo!! Time to bounce back from yesterday :) ![477d8f0e-2459-4a06-beef-39ca5ee03275.jpeg](https://cdn.fnatic.com/community/04f15524-3af5-4153-8ee9-7ddef0e891c4.jpeg)
TsukiSoraPioneer Key Holder
Loading...2014 I started playing League in the summer of 2014 and when worlds started I just randomly decided to watch. I hadn't really watched eSports before and still wasn't that good at league so barely knew what was happening. Fnatic were playing in the first game I watched against OMG and actually lost but since they were European and I liked the players I just decided they would be my team. Still here almost 10 years later lol 😅
TsukiSoraPioneer Key Holder
Loading...I'm sure everyone will say it, but it has to be the comeback against Loud in game 5 of Lock-in. At 11-3, as much as I still had hope, I was pretty sure it was over so to come back from that was just incredible. Specifically, I think Alfajers clutch was just perfection and the hypest moment of the series. Bonus point to Boasters amazing walkouts. Think when he, in full swim togs with towel, 'swam' out for the walkout is his funniest one yet lol