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[Closed] VCT Masters Bingo - June 1st vs FUT

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[Closed] VCT Masters Bingo - June 1st vs FUT

Hey Fnatics!

Play Bingo alongside the team competing in VCT Masters Shanghai! :orange-valorant:

For the new Bingo players it works just like normal Bingo. If something happens in-game and you have a card correlating for that you can cross that bingo card off and once you get 5 in a row that's BINGO!

You can generate your bingo cards using this link here:

Everyone who gets a bingo will be entered into a draw to win a Fnatic Shirt (Crest) of your choice! 🔥

⚠️ You have 1 hour after our game against FUT finishes to upload your Bingo card screenshot in the comments.

We've given a free card in the middle for you to start off with! :fnatic:

Good Luck everyone!

Carefully read the T&Cs here:

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Avatar for clean
clean@cleanval• 01/06/2024 i too late? D: ![50342409-6A62-4EFF-B3B6-085FEB87C609.jpg](
Avatar for Jibz
Jibz@Jibz• 01/06/2024
Loading...![Screenshot 2024-06-01 071651.png]( sad about the loss, but hoping we use this to learn and come back for future events. NT boys
Avatar for BorDer2k
BorDer2k@BorDer2k• 01/06/2024
Avatar for Serelya
Serelya@Serelya• 01/06/2024
Loading...see you back in EMEA 🖤 🧡 🖤 🧡 ![Screenshot 2024-06-01 130527.png](
Avatar for carlisleclair
Loading...def hoping for a better FNC 🏆🫶 #wegotthistrust ![8BE39352-1BA7-4719-A59E-1F1EB7F722D4.jpg](
Avatar for TsukiSora
TsukiSoraPioneer Key Holder@Tsuki• 01/06/2024
Loading...Sad game but lets bounce back in Summer ![image_2024-06-01_120058749.png](
Avatar for Papalo007
Papalo007@Papalo007• 01/06/2024
Loading...Got a bingo but I'm still disappointed that we lost.. close game though ![81d46db6-cb6a-4222-949e-3697940c7e3f.png](
Avatar for Kaeza
Kaeza@Kaeza• 01/06/2024
Loading...Gg, so sad to see fnatic lose but i know the boys will bounce back (Fnatic forever) ![80c00897-24f3-4084-9d49-f2abe2f4858c.jpeg](
Avatar for Over
OverPioneer Key Holder@Over• 01/06/2024
Loading...Goodbye Shanghaï 😥 ![chrome_yjdpHb4fnc.png](
Avatar for MasatoJin
MasatoJin@MasatoJin• 01/06/2024
Avatar for Kisjoni
Kisjoni@Kisjoni• 01/06/2024
Loading...![Screenshot 2024-06-01 123830.png]( GG🥲
Avatar for carlisleclair
Loading...@Kisjoni sheysh if Boaster got the most assists you could’ve bingo-ed thrice
Avatar for Mikrowel
Mikrowel@Mikrowel• 01/06/2024
Loading...![Capture d'écran 2024-06-01 123842.png](
Avatar for Mehul14
Mehul14@Mehul1• 01/06/2024
Avatar for Faravvyn
FaravvynPioneer Key Holder@Faravvyn• 01/06/2024
Loading...Not the ending I wished for but keep fighting ![a5440974-ac62-4b60-b28c-20666c20f398.jpeg](
Avatar for Papalo007
Papalo007@Papalo007• 01/06/2024
Avatar for Franky
FrankyCitizen Key Holder@Franky• 01/06/2024
Avatar for Sofiedk
Sofiedk@Sofiedk• 01/06/2024
Avatar for blossomaria
Loading...woooo ![img_1912.jpeg](
Avatar for t33ddybear
t33ddybear@t33ddybear• 01/06/2024
Loading...Bingo!!🙋‍♂️ ![1AC38B96-D7C0-409A-A2E2-5D43B6B3B098.png](
Avatar for SofieAmalie
Avatar for asvpxghost
asvpxghost@asvpxghost• 01/06/2024
Loading...LETS GOOOO! #FNCWIN ![bingo.fw.png](
Avatar for sean_playz
sean_playz@sean_playz• 01/06/2024
Avatar for comfies
comfies@comfies• 01/06/2024
Loading...straight down the middle :) ![6C660ADA-CD36-4315-996A-15A286A8712E.jpg](
Avatar for Faravvyn
FaravvynPioneer Key Holder@Faravvyn• 01/06/2024 1 bingo card for all 3 games or generate 1 for each game?
Avatar for Over
OverPioneer Key Holder@Over• 01/06/2024
Loading...@Faravvyn It's one for the entire B.O 👌
Avatar for virtuallver !!
Loading...bingoo!! thx chronicle for that epic KD 🧡 ![81F51189-AB89-4D74-AF1E-71B4C1496061.png](
Avatar for lu
lu@alune• 01/06/2024
Loading...![obraz_2024-06-01_105743003.png]( lets gooo
Avatar for babydragonfly
Loading...thanks derke !! :) ![1B527524-C2B6-49A1-90E8-80CE243B87E3.jpg](
Avatar for Sherbert-
Sherbert-@Sherbert-• 01/06/2024
Loading...I couldnt watch it frome the beginning. I Hope i can still fill that bingo. Good Luck everyone
Avatar for BlackDragonOK
Loading...This is what i Got and then there’s only one thing to say and it’s Good luck to everyone ![4C4DAEA5-C197-416E-90A5-5272BDA7C96B.jpg](
Avatar for EmpressAzula
Loading...Good luck!!
Avatar for Franky
FrankyCitizen Key Holder@Franky• 01/06/2024
Loading...Just to be sure, is it one bingo card per map or for the entire BO?
Avatar for ZestyLime
ZestyLime@ZestyLime• 01/06/2024
Loading...Good luck!!
Avatar for Catxalote
Catxalote@CATXALOTE• 01/06/2024
Loading...Here is what ive got, i feel like id win ![bd2c7fbf-0e41-4adb-b965-b42def4047ab.jpeg](
Avatar for ShadowAshenveil im guessing we post them here? i mighta skimmed
Avatar for ZestyLime
ZestyLime@ZestyLime• 01/06/2024
Loading...@ShadowAshenveil Yup the paragraph starting with the Warning Sign emoji says to drop the completed screenshot into this chat box :)
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 01/06/2024
Loading...Good luck evryone !!