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20 Years
VCT EMEA Stage 2 Champion
LEC Summer 2024
VCT Masters Shanghai
VCT EMEA Stage 1 Champion
Rat Army
MSI 2024
LEC Spring 2024
Fnatic Nation 2024
LEC Winter 2024
Home Ground Champions 2023
Fnatic Worlds 2023
Champions Los Angeles
19 Years
Tokyo Masters Champions
Masters Tokyo
LOCK//IN Champions
App Horizon
First Blood
Core Key Holder
Citizen Key Holder
Worlds 2022 Watch Party
Worlds 2022
VCT Masters 2022
VCT EMEA Watch Party
VCT Champions 2022
VCT Brazil 2023
Quest Collection
Milan Games Week 2023
LEC Malmo 2022
Gamescom 2022
Christmas Badge 2023
Beefa la Resistance
18 Years

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20th anniversary
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Loading...Hey folks - long time no see and happy new year (if we’re still saying that). Right - let’s get into it **XP** We’ve seen a lot of feedback recently around XP and while we made some changes last year to curb gaming the system - clearly we still have more work to do. This isn’t singling any small number of users out. If there’s a gap - we’ll plug it. Based on this - changes will be coming early next week and for this reason we’ll be postponing the winner until these changes are in place. Once again - we won’t always get this correct and it will continue to evolve but we hope to be as fair while preserving the spirit of the community and hype during game days. Predictions on games will still be the biggest reward and one of the fairest items out there to avoid spam. --- On to some more fun stuff **App Update** We quietly released title hubs last week and were busy patching some issues we saw once live. I’m happy to officially announce these for 3 of our titles (to start with) League, Valorant and CS. As the app was continuing development we saw a need to give news and information directly tied to the title in a more succinct way, which was a driving reason to create these hubs. Furthermore - we haven’t had our roster on the app up until now! Each player will have their own dedicated hub, which we’ll continue to build out - maybe birthdays - maybe stats - maybe gear settings (let us know what you’d like to see) Finally - Tournaments. Historically the app has shown schedules of individual games that belong to a tournament but we’ve never had one central place to go for all the interviews, images and story telling that happens throughout the tournament life span. We hope tournaments are going to be a great way to deliver this to all of you and these will continue to expand (standings?). Currently, something on my mind is where these live - directly in the main title hub but perhaps running tournaments should be easier to get to via the game or home/schedule. Let us know what you think in the comments --- **Chat arrives on Web** We had neglected the web for too long and while it’s so great to see you all come together on game day and celebrate those big wins - sometimes typing on a mobile keyboard just doesn’t quite hit home like chatting on desktop. We’re excited to bring chat cross platform and you can now view the game on your desktop and hit those hype reactions even faster You can get to the game on desktop by either using the share icon on the game and copying the link - or visiting our website and look for the dropdown in the middle-top that will show the upcoming and live games If you read all this - thank you! We hope you enjoy some of these updates as we continue to work on them. As always - shout out to my awesome team @darwin @owenmelbz @crumb1e @apos p.s you can also unblock users now via settings on the app (in case you accidentally blocked someone - looking at you Franky)