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What content would you like to see?

DutchMash's avatarDutchMashOfficial@DutchMash08/06/2022

What content would you like to see?

Hey everyone, we would like to know what content you want to see more of on our YouTube channels, social media and even Twitch/event streams!

Tell us what you loved in the past, what you didn't like as much, and what you think is missing. We would like to hear any thoughts you have!

What Content Series was your favourite, and why?

  • Guess My ELO
  • Fnatic Teaches Noob
  • What Happens Next
  • Answering Google Questions
  • Reaction Videos
  • Legends in Action
  • Voice Comms
  • Challenges (This/That, Overrated/Underrated)

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Here is a shortlist to all our channels:

YouTube - Main Channel

YouTube - Valorant

Twitter - Main

Twitter - Fnatic Nation



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Avatar for Ryujinhaeyong
Loading...My favourite content was probably Guess My Elo and Legends in Action. Both are hilarious to watch!
Avatar for 1FreshBanana1
Loading...(league of legends) Fnatic Karaoke
Avatar for Abydaby
Abydaby@abydaby• 01/07/2022
Loading...(VALORANT) 1 pro goes into a custom 5v5 as an observer and try guess the rank of every player correctly, maybe add 1 secret radiant to spice it up!
Avatar for MagicNickBall
Loading...Fnatic teaches noob, but with fans, Fnatic player giving them small coaching on certain champs to help them get out of silver/gold 😃
Avatar for p0w3l1
p0w3l1Pioneer Key Holder@p0w3l1• 10/06/2022
Loading...Legends in Action all the way! Been hooked up to these "documentaries" since Life of Legends with the 2015 roster and I just love them
Avatar for JBganggang
JBganggangOfficial@jbganggang• 09/06/2022
Loading...cArn doing CS:GO challenges - it has to be done
Avatar for RaZoK
RaZoKPioneer Key Holder@RaZoK• 08/06/2022
Loading...Pro teaches noob featuring Sam & Hyli!
Avatar for Azrael
AzraelModerator@Azrael• 08/06/2022
Loading...@RaZoK I'd pay to watch that tbh
Avatar for owenmelbz
owenmelbzOfficial@owenmelbz• 08/06/2022
Loading...I do love the BTS/Fly-on-the-wall style content, these always provide us a great insight into whats going on with everybody! But the "Fnatic Teaches Noob" series are a absolute laugh and I've learnt loads of handy tips from them! 👌
Avatar for Luana Coelho
Luana Coelho@LuhCoelho• 08/06/2022
Loading...Although I don't understand anything about LoL, I love the "Legends in Action" videos, I really like to know the backstage. I also loved the format they made the video "Pow3r Origine", what an amazing story! I'm suspicious to comment on this, but they could bring more content on the Valorant channel, like those from "Fnatic Teaches Noob". I want to learn to shoot like Derke and Alfajer. 😅 😝
Avatar for JBganggang
JBganggangOfficial@jbganggang• 09/06/2022
Loading...@LuhCoelho I'm with you on the Valorant "Fnatic Teaches Noob" - need some help from the pros killing the game 😁
Avatar for Ed Gregory
Ed GregoryOfficial@EJG23• 08/06/2022
Loading...More videos with Tekkz & Diogo! They're great entertainment
Avatar for Ed Gregory
Ed GregoryOfficial@EJG23• 08/06/2022
Loading...Cross team Secret Stylist Episodes. eg. League dressing Valorant