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Who should Fnatic collab with? Brands, Artists, People, let us know...

oliroyce's avatarOli RoyceOfficial@oliroyce08/06/2022

Who should Fnatic collab with? Brands, Artists, People, let us know...

PFA - Gucci x Fnatic x Xbox

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Avatar for Kryse
Kryse@Kryse• 17/03/2024
Loading...Fnatic&Lacoste Fnatic&Redbull (all over the world) Fnatic&Monster Fnatic&Adidas
Avatar for QueerBee
QueerBee@queer_bee• 08/05/2023
Loading...secretlab or Herman Miller. I need a FNATIC chair in my life
Avatar for Franky
FrankyCitizen Key Holder@Franky• 08/05/2023
Loading...I don't have any artist in mind, but there are definitely fans of Fnatic and I think it would be cool to have a playlist of different types of music genres such as rap, pop, etc. centered around Fnatic.
Avatar for Davis
DavisCitizen Key Holder@Davissam• 08/05/2023
Loading...Fnatic x Vans would be amazing! Like not fully orange but maybe black vans with orange stripes or Sth!
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TruVyperPioneer Key Holder@TruVyper• 19/04/2023
Loading...I definitely would love a colab with a shoe brand. Doesn’t have to be anyone in particular but a big brand like Nike or Adidas would definitely level up the FNATIC brand. In terms of people, I hear the Hypeman is a pretty good guy to colab with. Haha okay in all seriousness, I would like to see a colab with fitness attire as well. To be able to rep FNATIC while in the gym would increase exposure and get people to realize Esports isn’t just some people playing video games. How you say? Well people would see the dope gym wear and ask about where you got it. When you reply an Esport’s org, they’d be genuinely surprised that Esports serve a bigger purpose.
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StefansPioneer Key Holder@Stewie90k• 19/04/2023
Loading...@TruVyper I agree !
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RekNiayCore Key Holder@RekNiay• 19/04/2023
Loading...maybe with jbl or sonos it could be nice to have a fnatic speaker
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p0w3l1Pioneer Key Holder@p0w3l1• 23/06/2022
Loading...Definitely some Fnatic x Rhinoshield! Let's bring on those amazing phone cases with some black n' orange!!!
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wackUCitizen Key Holder@wackU• 13/06/2022
Loading...I would do a collab with Levlup, Gfuel or gaming booster brands! I would definitely buy a fnatic black and orange custom shaker!!! 😍
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AsayakeSGCore Key Holder@AsayakeSG• 08/06/2022
Loading...personally a huge anime fan so i would love to see a collab with any of the big anime out there
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Loading...A Fnatic Air Jordan would be supreme