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[FNC VALORANT 2023] New Fnatic Valorant Roster AMA!

[FNC VALORANT 2023] New Fnatic Valorant Roster AMA!

We are hosting an AMA with our brand-new Valorant roster for 2023!

Drop a comment below with a question you have for the team or a specific individual to get answered in a video!

P.S. Sadly, Alfajer will not be available for this AMA

:fnatic: Team Lineup:





:fnatic: Team Staff:



Be sure to clearly state the name of a player or staff if your question is directed to a specific individual

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Avatar for George W
George WCore Key Holder@GWALTER• 06/01/2023
Loading...For Mini/Cojo, what is it like to integrate new players into the team and how do you make sure it goes smoothly? Also for Mini/Cojo, will Fnatic work with a new performance coach or any other supporting staff since Marcus will not be with the team this year?
Avatar for Kandinsky
KandinskyCitizen Key Holder@Kandinsky• 06/01/2023
Loading...For Mini or Cojo, have you decided on a sixth and what contribution do you realistically expect from a the sixth player coming into this year? Will they be with you in Berlin after Sao Paulo? For Chronicle, how are you finding playing in this mixed team compared to your time in M3C/Gambit.
Avatar for Abydaby
Abydaby@abydaby• 06/01/2023
Loading...This question is for mini and boaster, Now having bind being removed from the map pool (I don't know when its going to take place). Without trying to give away your strategies, my question is what map are you guys going to try keep that same "undefeated" feeling. ps, derke better play wonder wall at his walkout
Avatar for 0reNForge
0reNForgeCitizen Key Holder@0reNForge• 06/01/2023
Loading...Teams wise, who are you most excited to play against this year? Also - will we get a Valorant boys cover of Wonderwall for the next Fnatic Island Album?
Avatar for yenru
yenruCitizen Key Holder@yenru• 06/01/2023
Loading...What team are you most excited to go up against going into 2023?
Avatar for Josip
Josip@Josip• 06/01/2023
Loading...Question for the players (Team Lineup): How do you keep your mentality strong every round even if you lose it? Does Boaster give any inspirational quotes after every round?
Avatar for Nite
NitePioneer Key Holder@Nite2• 06/01/2023
Loading...Derke, will you be playing wonderwall for your walkout in Sao Paulo?
Avatar for JBganggang
JBganggangOfficial@jbganggang• 06/01/2023
Loading...Hmmmm, I'd like to ask Leo when I can get the new jersey? 🤯