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Loading...Some tips for beginners: 1. Finish Tutorial - thats a must teaches you all the basics of movement etc. 2. Look at some beginner YT videos - learn how the summoner spells work when you unlock each of them. You unlock them when you level up and keep playing. I recommend picking up Support first, its the easiest role to pick up versus the Jungle and other Lanes. 3. Start with vs Bots and the progress to vs humans. If you have a friend that can teach you how to play the better - queue Bot together him/her on ADC and you play support. Ask questions about wave management, CSing etc. 4. Pick up Support first- get a feel for how the lane works, movement etc. - know what your champs kit does, what items do, when to place vision etc. 5. If you’re serious about playing Mid, Top, Jungle, ADC look at some YouTube tutorials- they’ll teach you the fundamentals for CSing, item builds etc. But stick with Support first, learn and look at what happens on the map (macro)- objectives etc. are key for winning games. Playing a lNe alone can be scary but if you learn wave management, last hitting for CS and item builds you’ll be fine. 6. Keep your champion pool simple- I made the mistake of having like 7 champions on support originally. Stick to 2 or 3 - learn the match ups and what your champion’s kit does. If you stick to playing Support Do you prefer a solely Support role or having a more engage role? Learn these preferences as you play and then pick up champs as you know what you like.
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League of Legends
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Loading...Omf please, we need headbands
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Fnatic Headbands?
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Loading...Which slot? Yes.
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Loading...Teams wise, who are you most excited to play against this year? Also - will we get a Valorant boys cover of Wonderwall for the next Fnatic Island Album?