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Key holders Shop Discount!!

Key holders Shop Discount!!

Hello beloved key holders! šŸ‘‹

As announced in the roadmap for June and July, our key holders will be able to use their discounts on the Fnatic Shop! :fnc:

This discount is applied for all key holders, allowing members to claim up to a 15% discount (depending on which key you hold). :pioneer: :core: :citizen:

Below is a step-by-step process of how it works!

  • Step 1 : When you land onto our website, click Log In in the top right-hand corner of the website
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  • Step 2 : You will then be brought to this page, where you can log into your Fnatic ID account! 3ca1b7d72c550167b707062061e2f548.png
  • Step 3 : Once logged in, head over to our Fnatic Shop where you can see a selection of amazing Fnatic products on display! :fnatic:
  • Step 4 : Select a product and your key will be displayed alongside your discount (subject to which key you own)! Thanks to our awesome team, the discounts are automatically applied at checkout! :fnatic:

Important: Not every product is eligible for discount so keep an eye out for the badges!

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  • Step 5 :

Once you have added all your items, it is time to hit Checkout to take you to the checkout page! šŸ’³

  • Step 6 :

On the checkout page, your membership will automatically activate the appropriate discount! Enter your payment and shipping details to complete your purchase and enjoy your member-exclusive discounts!

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Follow this link here if you need any extra help! :

Happy Shopping! šŸ›ļø

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Avatar for p0w3l1
p0w3l1Pioneer Key Holder@p0w3l1• 27/06/2022
Loading...Any one know what exact time will we members have acces to the FNC x Champion sweatshirts? Because countdown 4pm CEST but I've read keyholders have 2h early access while normal presale is only 1h earlier
Avatar for p0w3l1
p0w3l1Pioneer Key Holder@p0w3l1• 27/06/2022
Loading...@p0w3l1 Nvm, just saw it by clicking on a sweatshirt as if to purchase. It will start at 1pm CEST ^^
Avatar for Markus
MarkusPioneer Key Holder@Markus• 26/06/2022
Loading...What about Asos discount (and perks)? In the roadmap it says "available" but I haven't read anything about it
Avatar for owenmelbz
owenmelbzOfficial@owenmelbz• 27/06/2022
Loading...@Markus Just checked the roadmap page, I think technically it's correct e.g. "Partner Perks" are available - however not specifically the or ASOS ones, however it says ASOS is coming June/July
Avatar for Aselwyn
AselwynCitizen Key Holder@Aselwyn• 22/06/2022
Loading...kind of lame when you can't stack with any of the other many promo codes that already exist
Avatar for Gabrielel
GabrielelPioneer Key Holder@Gabrielel• 22/06/2022
Loading...@Aselwyn I can understand blocking the stacking of promocodes but blocking key holders benefits on already discounted items it's just sad
Avatar for owenmelbz
owenmelbzOfficial@owenmelbz• 23/06/2022
Loading...@Aselwyn I think this is more of "It's Black Friday 10% the whole store" you cant then add an additional 15% onto it
Avatar for Yariet
YarietPioneer Key Holder@Yariet• 22/06/2022
Loading...I guess I'll use it for the upcoming wireless headset... Right? šŸ‘€
Avatar for owenmelbz
owenmelbzOfficial@owenmelbz• 23/06/2022
Loading...@Yariet I've been waiting to see if this becomes a reality for a while now!
Avatar for Kemii
KemiiModerator@Kemii• 22/06/2022
Loading...I'm currently being gatekept by my bank balance šŸ˜ž
Avatar for Quaxly
QuaxlyPioneer Key Holder@Quaxly• 22/06/2022
Loading...I hope the Fnatic x Champion stuff is eligible for discounts šŸ‘€
Avatar for Tijana | Fnatic
Tijana | FnaticOfficial@Tijana• 30/06/2022
Loading...@Quaxly It is šŸ‘€šŸ”„
Avatar for RaZoK
RaZoKPioneer Key Holder@RaZoK• 22/06/2022
Loading...Public Ennemy no1 of our bank accounts