Join us in Copenhagen!

Win free tickets for you and your friend for all 3 live dates of VCT Masters in Copenhagen! 🧡

  • Friday, 22nd July

  • Saturday, 23rd July

  • Sunday, 24th July

Just tell us why you and your friend want to come!

You have until midnight today to enter! (23:59 PM BST)


➡️ Terms&Conditions

*Note: 'The Winners are solely responsible for all costs associated with attending the VCT Masters Live event in Copenhagen including all travel, travel insurance, food and drink, and accommodation.'

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Avatar for Fineas_tr
Fineas_tr@Fineas_tr• 23/08/2022
Loading...Because it has been a dream of mine to see alfajer and bosster live. That's why I want to join
Avatar for FNCTanmayOp
Loading...i am playing bgmi for fnatic team
Avatar for 4R170K
4R170K@4R170K• 21/07/2022
Loading...I‘m in copenhagen anyway tomorrow… I fly there for holiday :)
Avatar for McRoyale06
McRoyale06@McRoyale06• 21/07/2022
Loading...who won?
Avatar for Ardosch
Ardosch@Ardosch• 21/07/2022
Loading...i wanna see boaster live
Avatar for Flooo
Flooo@Flooo• 20/07/2022 applying for the tickets because i would love to see the fnatic roaster winning masters. i love to watch them play and personally i think they are one of the best if not the best team on earth. if i win im going to copenhagen with a friend who is also a big fan. Thx for doing that giveaway and goodluck to everyone
Avatar for Dragosty
DragostyCitizen Key Holder@Dragosty• 20/07/2022
Avatar for MannyRouge
MannyRouge@MannyRouge• 20/07/2022
Loading...Why?? Because i've to cheer for THE BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD🧡 🖤
Avatar for Seid0bin
Seid0bin@Seid0bin• 20/07/2022
Loading...I've followed Fnatic as an ORG ever sinces the infamous Olofboost. I have met wonderfull people via the Fnatic community and would like to gove back to the Amazing friends I've made.
Avatar for Azrael
AzraelModerator@Azrael• 20/07/2022
Loading...Can't join sadly, too far and too close to plan now 😟 But to the winners, have fun !
Avatar for Gensui
Gensui@Gensui• 20/07/2022
Loading...Me and my mate love valorant and watching the games. We would love to come see more of derkes shiny bald head and boasters beautiful twerking 🤤
Avatar for Sirth
Sirth@Sirth• 20/07/2022
Loading...My girlfriend and me have been routing for fnatic since the first masters and can't wait to see them play on stage
Avatar for itsarnoob
itsarnoob@itsarnoob• 20/07/2022
Loading...I and My GF wanted to go to Copenhagen but unfortunately, because of some blunder from my side, We had to cancel the plan. Anyways she is a huge Boaster fan and enjoys watching VCT, so if I win the Giveaway, I'll give her the tickets and everything and let her choose whom she wants to take with her. Also, would be a great surprise for her.
Avatar for Turzi_B
Turzi_BCitizen Key Holder@XxCLNxX• 20/07/2022
Loading...Because Fnatic are just better and we want to be there when they'll win this masters! #ALWAYSFNATIC :fnatic: #fnaticwin :fnatic:
Avatar for vizmarc
vizmarc@vizmarc• 20/07/2022
Loading...Me and my friends really love Valorant competitive scene and I've never been out of Italy(where i live), and never been able to watch esport live in IRL, so it would be so cool to be there cheering for the team instead beeing in my little room behind a screen. Thank you for the opportunity you guys at FNATIC are amazing.
Avatar for ThibautDT
ThibautDTCitizen Key Holder@ThibautDT• 20/07/2022
Loading...I've been following Fnatic for a while now. I watched the "EU flash" live on stream. I always watch every match on every Masters tournament. I've thrown Uni exams sometimes just because I was watching VCT matches.😅 I started playing Valorant on and off since beta and it would an out of this world experience to watch the playoffs live and hopefully watch Fnatic take that trophy .🙏 As for the friend I would take with me, I would take someone from my team that I scrim with regularly and we would have an unforgettable experience watching it all live on stage!
Avatar for Glizzy026
Glizzy026@Glizzy026• 20/07/2022
Loading...We really want to watch you guys play up close because we've been watching the VALORANT journey since Iceland 2021! We will both always be rooting for you guys! byee
Avatar for Wlasor
Wlasor@Wlasor• 20/07/2022
Loading...My friend is who got me into Esports in the first place, all the way back when it was SK vs FNC in League. Over the years we've always been rooting for FNC and ever since Valo has been released, naturally also here. Now more than ever with no chance to go to any live events for 2.5 years due to Corona, this would be an amazing experience!
Avatar for Kimmm
KimmmPioneer Key Holder@TheBookThief• 20/07/2022
Loading...My boyfriend and I have watched all the Fnatic games so far together. That last game was so scary we could barely watched and screamed with joy when Enzo clutched. I became a fan of SUMN FC during first strike and followed the team to Fnatic. After that we started supporting Fnatic in other games as well but Valorant will always be the best 😃
Avatar for McRoyale06
McRoyale06@McRoyale06• 20/07/2022
Loading...we are watching fnatic since 2018 and were at the last vct masters
Avatar for kanzao
kanzao@kanzao• 20/07/2022
Loading...Hi, i am not one of the biggest fnatic's fanboy but i've been supporting fnatic since CS1.6 and became a big fan when rekkles joined the roster in 2012. I've been playing valorant since beta and man i love that game. having the pleasure to be in masters to watch fnatic play on the mainstage its literally a dream come true. you can check my recents tweets and see how much i've been rooting for fnatic, and also, i attach my pickems, take a look (hope i dont jinx it «3) love yall![image_2022-07-20_165147491.png](