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How are we feeling about Masters Shanghai?

mintTea's avatarmintTea@mintTea20/05/2024

How are we feeling about Masters Shanghai?

I'm confident we can win the whole thing but was curious to see what the community thinks! Also who do we think Fnatic are choosing to go up against?

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Loading...I have hope and faith 🧡
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Haushinka@Haushinka• 24/05/2024
Loading...I think we have a chance at winning, even more now that Boaster seems to be on a better state of mind. Still, choosing your opponent seems so weird to me. What if the teams choose the same opponent? How do they even begin with choosing? I know nothing.
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mintTea@mintTea• 24/05/2024
Loading...@Haushinka that's what im wondering, like what if all teams want to go against a particular team? how is that determined?
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Loading...@Haushinka Exactly 🧡
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bibibabii@bibibabii• 27/05/2024
Loading...@Haushinka I think the first seed teams will be able to choose by order (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.); for example, FNC is the first team to be picked to choose their own opponent, hence they can only choose that one opponent (team)
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Pil0t@Pil0t• 24/05/2024
Loading...If we keep the momentum, big time. Otherwise gonna have multiple heart attacks on the comeback rounds haha
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Loading...@Pil0t get ya boasties 🖤🧡
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Funex@Funex• 22/05/2024
Loading...winable if mini takes on the head coach role
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Haushinka@Haushinka• 24/05/2024
Loading...@Funex Let the man rest.
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Loading...@Funex let them both cool
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luma_98@luma_98• 22/05/2024
Loading...I feel like they will be sent to lower bracket around the middle and then hopefully climb back from there and win. I just hope they can stop messing with my blood pressure because I'd like to live to see the seoul champions 😅
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mintTea@mintTea• 22/05/2024
Loading...@luma_98 i cant deal with a lower bracket run :')
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Loading...@luma_98 regardless i know we can
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FelMulta@FelMulta• 22/05/2024
Loading...Yes we can win by far but tbh I hope they won't performe like the start of the spilt or it will be a disaster on the international stage. I hope they are cooking something nice 🧡🖤🧡🖤
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Rayo@Rayo• 21/05/2024
Loading...I believe 😤🧡
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Loading...@Rayo 🙏🏻🧡
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hunie@hunie• 21/05/2024
Loading...If the mental is fine and If we concentrate we can definitly win!!🧡🖤
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mireia_23_@mireia_23_• 21/05/2024
Loading...I trust the team 100%. Let's go Fnatic! 💪🏻🧡🖤
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Ducky@Ducky_M3• 20/05/2024
Loading...I think there is a Chance of winning but also prx is looking so good atm. I would love to see the boys win but if they dont i hope for some prx W
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mintTea@mintTea• 21/05/2024
Loading...@Ducky_M3 same, if fnatic dont win im cheering for paper rex lol
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Max765@Maysen• 20/05/2024
Loading...I think we can win just no more heart attacks lol
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LittleRat@LittleRat• 20/05/2024
Loading...I feel like theres lots of talent and stiff competition this masters. Judging by how this year has gone already for everyone, literally anything could happen haha.
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lavinia@twlavinia• 20/05/2024
Loading...I feel like we could win but honestly I want the boys to have fun and not overwork themselves - so they are in good shape at champs and win it there
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mintTea@mintTea• 20/05/2024
Loading...@twlavinia oh yeah definitely im really confident that they can win champs
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SAS7@SAS7• 20/05/2024
Loading...Really worried because i'm paranoic and i think that all maps will feel like a comeback, like 1-0/1-1/1-2 2-0/2-3
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mintTea@mintTea• 20/05/2024
Loading...@SAS7 i really hope not, i hope they keep the momentum and confidence from emea to shanghai, and no more stressful comebacks just wins :)
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DTR@DTR• 20/05/2024
Loading...I' sure they can win it, they just have to work on some issue that we got in Stage 1, but they clearly have the level to go far🧡🖤🔥
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mintTea@mintTea• 20/05/2024
Loading...@DTR i agree! they can definitely keep building on this momentum
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FrankyCitizen Key Holder@Franky• 20/05/2024
Loading...We can win for sure, but it will probably depend on how well we've managed to work on our issues. If we've managed to solve them, even if not completely, and the team is in good shape, I'm certain we will win.
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mintTea@mintTea• 20/05/2024
Loading...@Franky i agree completely :)