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[IRL Event] FNATIC VCT Masters Watch Party - London

[IRL Event] FNATIC VCT Masters Watch Party - London

Heya Fnatics!

Start your morning with us this weekend at the Fnatic HQ in London!

Join us for our second VCT Masters match against TBD this weekend and hopefully a #FNCWIN! 🧡

The watch party will be either on Saturday June 1st or Sunday June 2nd.

We will confirm the final date and time after our first match against Gen.G!

:fnatic: We are doing something entirely new for IRL events! :fnatic:

Have you updated your Fnatic App yet?

Get the latest version 1.9.0 and register your interest directly on the app!

Event info, RSVP status, tickets & a live chat all in the palm of your hands!

:orange-valorant: More info & RSVP here!

RSVP Deadline: Thursday, May 30th, 11:59 PM BST

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Loading...NT NT
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MinitankCitizen Key Holder@Minitankpr• 31/05/2024
Loading...Hey, just a quick comment for staff/mods, thought I RSVP'd but I was a little late (Done today), is there chance I can still attend?
Avatar for KC
KC@TheKC• 31/05/2024
Loading...@Minitankpr Noooo Wes! 😭😭
Avatar for FuriousSyndrome
Loading...I am confused what time this is at @officialfnatic ![96A828ED-BD4B-4A67-B23C-B2E86C37B34F.jpg](
Avatar for Lethargic Cookie
Loading...Wish I could go! Hope y’all enjoy!!
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Avatar for Ananthan
Ananthan@Ananthan• 29/05/2024
Loading...I'll be there!!
Avatar for Oxbe
OxbePioneer Key Holder@Oxbe• 29/05/2024
Loading...If I didn't have a newborn and was living in the UK I would've been so in 😅
Avatar for Lizzz
Lizzz@Lizzz• 29/05/2024
Loading...That would be so much fun
Avatar for Babs
BabsCitizen Key Holder@Babs• 29/05/2024
Loading...Anyone wanna work for me this weekend 🙄?
Avatar for kios1a
kios1a@kios1a• 29/05/2024
Loading...If im here does it mean that i have applied for it and im waiting now ? ![70948394-45DE-4E91-9AD2-D78D41133EDB.png](
Avatar for Official Fnatic
Loading...@kios1a Yes, correct! We will update your status after the RSVP deadline tomorrow night 💪
Avatar for carlisleclair
Loading...I would definitely want to attend since I’m also from Asia. But hot damn, the plane tix is not as stunning as the valorant roster 🫠
Avatar for Official Fnatic
Loading...@carlisleclair I respect the commitment to even check plane prices 😅 where in Asia do you live?
Avatar for FuriousSyndrome
Loading...@carlisleclair One day 🙏🏻
Avatar for FuriousSyndrome
Loading...@carlisleclair one day
Avatar for Minitank
MinitankCitizen Key Holder@Minitankpr• 29/05/2024
Loading...Let's go fnatic! ![d534ca02-1589-4353-926e-c9ff59c6e576.jpeg](
Avatar for Official Fnatic
Loading...@Minitankpr You guys are the BEST! 🔥 🧡
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KetKitsuneModerator@KetKitsune• 30/05/2024
Loading...@Minitankpr Wooow 😍😍
Avatar for FNATIC Waja
FNATIC Waja@WajaTheHat• 29/05/2024
Loading...First time missing a watch party 😔
Avatar for Official Fnatic
Loading...@WajaTheHat You'll be dearly missed Waja! 😭
Avatar for N3oFlame
N3oFlame@N3oFlame• 29/05/2024
Loading...Opportunities to purchase a jersey onsite ? I want to get one but I'm scared to order online as jerseys have come up small on me in the past !
Avatar for Official Fnatic
Loading...@N3oFlame Unfortunately, not this time around :pepehands2: We will work hard to make this a reality in the future!
Avatar for MrBobbly
MrBobbly@MrBobbly• 29/05/2024
Loading...Is there a minimum age requirement?
Avatar for owenmelbz
owenmelbzOfficial@owenmelbz• 29/05/2024
Loading...@MrBobbly If you click the link in the post it will take you to the full requirements and terms and conditions for the event :)
Avatar for Official Fnatic
Loading...@MrBobbly The watch party is open to anyone aged 16 and above! :poggers2:
Avatar for kios1a
kios1a@kios1a• 29/05/2024
Loading...Where do i buy ticket and apply to go to the watch party?
Avatar for owenmelbz
owenmelbzOfficial@owenmelbz• 29/05/2024
Loading...@kios1a If you click the link in the post it will take you to the full requirements and terms and conditions for the event with an RSVP button :)
Avatar for EmpressAzula
Loading...Can't wait! I definitely want to go 🧡
Avatar for Anno9474
Anno9474@Anno9474• 29/05/2024
Loading...Sadly I can't just fly to London for a watch party. It's basically as much out of my reach as Shanghai