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Loading...**Question for Mezii (IGL)** - With Fnatic's previous line up you played a heavy fragging role. How have you felt that now that you are IGLing this has hindered greatly/slightly your ability to still perform in this aspect? **Question for roeJ (Rifler)** - Kiss/Marry/Kill 🙂 (fnatic roster) **Question for KRIMZ (Rifler)** - You have an extensive history with Fnatic but also csgo as a whole. With so much of a legacy in the scene what is your highest moment in cs and your lowest moment? **Question for FASHR (Rifler)** - Coming from a background in tier 2 cs, what do you think you can personally bring skill wise to tier 1 cs, that other tier 1 players may not bring/be aware of? **Question for nicoodoz (AWP)** - Best and worst maps for awping? And what shampoo do you use for your hair? **Question for Keita (Strategic Coach)** **Question for Kevve (Assistant Coach)** **Question for Samme (Team Director)** **Question for cArn (CGO, Chief Gaming Officer)** Question for all the above (any can answer/give input). In the latest HLTV podcast, Kassad mentioned that Fnatic have a talented roster but lack any identity in it. Do you diasgree with the identity part? Or agree with it in the sense that it's a relatively new team that needs to develop/play first for finding an identity.