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[AMA] LOL WORLDS - Ask your questions now!

[AMA] LOL WORLDS - Ask your questions now!


Our League team is hosting a Worlds AMA - presented by Chillblast before flying out! :hype:

They will answer all of your questions in our AMA!

:fnatic: When: Thursday, 22nd September, at 19:30 CEST

:fnatic: Where: @fnatic.lol Instagram

:fnatic: Who:

:fnatic: Your host:

⚠️Please make sure to direct all of your questions to someone!

*Unfortunately both Yamato and Humanoid won't be able to attend due to travel issues and sickness respectively.

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Avatar for Ruka
Ruka@Rukafps• 05/10/2023
Loading...I think I'm a little late
Avatar for icatsouki
icatsouki@icatsouki• 22/09/2022
Loading...To upset & hyli, I'm curious why you guys didn't play champs that fit your style more often especially kalista/renata and samira/any engage champ. Even in LPL Able forces a samira ban every single game almost even though she's not meta. I kinda expected enemy teams to be forced to ban renata kalista samira every game against you sort of. But you guys seem to be working really hard this year to shore up on your weaknesses which I love to see, sadly no bootcamp this year but let's go win worlds regardless!!
Avatar for MStayForMars
Loading...To any, or all, of the players, how do you guys deal with the pressure of worlds? As a competitor in my own sport, I try to scale down the scenario to a normal game, nothing different from any other match I have ever had. That helps me get things into a better focus and avoid panicking under the stake's pressure. Do you guys have any particular technique? [giphy]a5viI92PAF89q[/giphy]
Avatar for Kalvinboy
Kalvinboy@Kalvinboy• 22/09/2022
Loading...Question for Hylissang: You are known for having a very creative and unique outlook on the game, backed by years of success, do you feel like you would make a good coach in the future, and is it something that interests you? Also best luck at worlds I believe in you guys, believe in yourselves
Avatar for MannaggOPatatern
Loading...For the Org: Where is the funny guy with moustaches? The one who help you to do fitness and stuff.
Avatar for Ankydon
Ankydon@Ankydon• 22/09/2022
Loading...For Upset and Hyli: Will we get to see a Xayah and Rakan botlane for worlds? i really like Xayah and i'd love to watch upset stomping with Hyli as Rakan
Avatar for Soma
Soma@Soma• 22/09/2022
Loading...To Wunder and Upset: As an Italian i need to ask this: do you like Italian food? If so what's your favorite Italian dish? Good luck for worlds
Avatar for spodzs
spodzs@spodzs• 21/09/2022
Loading...Wunder: How is it being the best toplaner at worlds?
Avatar for batticus
batticus@batticus• 21/09/2022
Loading...Wunder will we get to see Yorick in worlds?
Avatar for Coinflipper
Loading...for the coaches. do you sometimes give in to fan pressure and ban/pick certain things?
Avatar for MagicNickBall
Loading...For Hyli: What champion did you wish you could have played more during the summer split/playoffs? Also are you satisfied with the enchanter meta that's going on? Thank you and enjoy worlds boys!
Avatar for AlenaKovarova
Loading...To Wunder: Hi Wunder, in the beginning of this season, you wanted to smash G2. Do you still have this feeling? You have won at least 1 game against Rouge in semifanals, G2 zero in final. :-) And then ... Are you satisfied, that you often play a weak side? Thanks and good luck on Worlds and in life!
Avatar for Skip2030
Skip2030@Skip2030• 21/09/2022
Loading...To Sens, What do you think about group A since it s most probably that we will go in there Do you think that the team can get out of groups?
Avatar for kryztal ♡
kryztal ♡Citizen Key Holder@kryztal• 21/09/2022
Loading...to upset and hyli, fav bot lane combo?
Avatar for Steelings_
Steelings_@Steelings_• 21/09/2022
Loading...To Razork, How do you stay flexible in a team that can perform on all roles? Do you decide before the game you will be playing for soul, topside (herald-snowball), level 3 gank mid and so on, or is it purely based on how the game's going and you make a plan on the go? Kind regards and good luck in play-ins 😇
Avatar for chemery
chemeryPioneer Key Holder@chemery• 21/09/2022
Loading...To Wunder, here's my question: what champions you predict will be most contested in top lane this worlds? To Hylli, if jungler will be playing more to top, this could mean more roaming support picks to cover mid. Especially considering nerfs to early-game ADCs. So what's your favourite roaming support pick?
Avatar for Jhin Wick IV
Loading...Question for Upset: As an ADC, how do you like this meta? It seems like you either have to play an early game snowball champ or a late game scaling, 3 item powerhouse champ.
Avatar for Fabibou Trop Pipou
Loading...to the team but probably mostly hyli: so far, does the meta suits you a bit more? hyli seemed to not really enjoy that enchanter meta, did it get better?
Avatar for owenmelbz
owenmelbzOfficial@owenmelbz• 21/09/2022
Loading...Dearest Hyli. How have you found the enchanter meta? Have you been enjoying it or would you like it to change to something else?
Avatar for ibaigont
ibaigont@ibaigont• 21/09/2022
Loading...To razork, como estas foquita?
Avatar for RoyaL
RoyaLCitizen Key Holder@RoyaL• 21/09/2022
Loading...To the team in general: How do you feel about the upcoming changes towards the meta? Is there something that's standing out that should have been buffed/nerfed and will define the worlds meta?
Avatar for Leornado10
Leornado10Pioneer Key Holder@Leornado10• 21/09/2022
Loading...At the Attention of Yamato and Humanoid: Wish you a prompt/speedy recovery ! Hope it isn't too bad... At least you won't need to make content with Pete XD ^^
Avatar for Kurishina
KurishinaCitizen Key Holder@Kurishina• 21/09/2022
Loading...To everyone, how are you preparing mentally for Worlds? Do you think Play-Ins would be a challenge?
Avatar for FNC-Lurchy
FNC-LurchyCitizen Key Holder@FNC-Lurchy• 21/09/2022
Loading...To Upset: Which LPL/LCK botlane are you most looking forward to playing against? To Razork: I feel like you are the player with that developed the most in the course of the split. Moreover, you seem very open and comforting towards your teammates, especially in post game discussions. Would you agree on, that this is a huge factor in keeping up the moral in the team or who/what do you think has the greatest impact on the teams moral?
Avatar for Kurishina
KurishinaCitizen Key Holder@Kurishina• 21/09/2022
Loading...For Hyli, do you have a pocket pick for Worlds? Or are you going to be siding with the meta? Always loved your engage champs, you've been my idol besides Rekkles, win or lose I hope you have fun and we'll always support you.
Avatar for PanderBeast
Loading...To Sens and/or Shaves, not sure who usually covers this area: Do you expect the Worlds meta be at a state where most regions have similar draft strategies, or is it more open for unpredictable picks? To clarify, a meta where more unpredictable picks are occurring could be where there isn't anything in particular that dominates the meta - which leaves more doors open to pick whatever you would come up with.
Avatar for Dreadscythe
Loading...To Razork: how much of the hornyness scale have we experienced because I am ready for even more horny jokes per minute tbh.
Avatar for p0w3l1
p0w3l1Pioneer Key Holder@p0w3l1• 21/09/2022
Loading...As a main top, question for Wunder! Which toplaner (player) are you looking forward to play the most against? (the hell was that phrase construction? excuse my english :S) What champions do you expect from him and how do you plan to completely annihilate him from the face of the earth? Cheers to all of you guys, FNC will perform amazingly this Worlds
Avatar for Sev
Sev@Sev• 21/09/2022
Loading...Yo Wunder, when will you bring out the spicy picks like your Neeko and Vladimir to stomp these easy opponents like Zeus and 369?
Avatar for Gylissang
Gylissang@Gylissang• 21/09/2022
Loading...for Everyone, Worlds Play-ins will be challenging for sure, have you guys scout the team and are you guys confident that this team can be the top of the table at the end of play in stage? For Hylissang, new patch's early signs shows that the support meta is going away from enchanters and more into hook champs. will we see the Hylissang that we see during spring 2022 and why? Hope fnatic win worlds and good luck
Avatar for cenggcillo
cenggcillo@cenggcillo• 21/09/2022
Loading...Upset, hows your feel for this new meta? do you like ? Btw i love you guys.
Avatar for raftzou
raftzou@raftzou• 21/09/2022
Loading...What are your goals for worlds? Unfortunately finals performance was not the best, but do you have high hopes for worlds?
Avatar for SenpaiSofi
SenpaiSofi@SenpaiSofi• 21/09/2022
Loading...Question to all of you - if you could be one league champion for a day, who would you be and why? 😄 Good luck in worlds. 🖤🧡
Avatar for huluuuuulol
Loading...To everyone in the squad: How are you guys preparing for play ins? Good luck and I am sure FNC will smash it. 🧡 🖤
Avatar for S0LOB0LO
S0LOB0LOCitizen Key Holder@S0LOB0LO• 21/09/2022
Loading...Upset: What do you think is Hylissang's best champion? Hylissang: What do you think is Upset's best champion? Wunder: How does it feel being the only ex-G2 making it to Worlds? Razork: Why so much ARAM with girls instead of practising? Shaves: How do YamatoCannon and you complement each other? Dardo: What achievement are you most proud in Fnatic? Sens: Do you notice a chance in team mentality since you joined? JustRoss: What are your day-to-day responsibilities?
Avatar for pancreas41
pancreas41Citizen Key Holder@pancreas41• 21/09/2022
Loading...To Sens: Do you think that going through play-in will be a good thing to get a better form or will be a negative thing bcs of fatigue, or is a mix of both?
Avatar for paten
paten@paten• 21/09/2022
Loading...Question for wunder: Can we expect some high tier Neeko games at worlds? And is there any particular top-lane champion that you think is really strong right now? Held og lykke og ser frem til at du flækker alle i dit lane :)
Avatar for georbits
georbits@georbits• 21/09/2022
Loading...Question to Yamato: Is the fact that you are huge cat lover, rising a moral barier to actually ban Yummi ? :X
Avatar for Legacyoo
Legacyoo@Legacyoo• 21/09/2022
Loading...question for upset are u going to flash forward in play ins just kidding i love you all guys GOOD luck
Avatar for purrchan
purrchan@purrchan• 21/09/2022
Loading...For Wunder: Hej, går det godt? Which top lane champion is your fave atm and why ?
Avatar for hylispyke
hylispyke@hylispyke• 21/09/2022
Loading...for shaves: what is it like to work with yamato? and what does he bring the most to the team in your opinion.
Avatar for sixthsense
sixthsense@sixthsense• 21/09/2022
Loading...What is the biggest takeaway that you've had from the summer split and going into worlds? Hope you guys enjoy your time together as a team and live the moments to the fullest! I will be cheering for Fnatic 😉
Avatar for Coinflipper
Loading...For the veterans; when you play vs lck or lpl, does the nameplates mean anything? like when you're playing vs faker does lt make you play extra safe or do you just ignore it?
Avatar for Oskar
OskarCitizen Key Holder@jonnivoss• 21/09/2022
Loading...What type of team building exercises are you guys practicing?
Avatar for Konvick
Konvick@Konvick• 21/09/2022
Loading...Question to JustRoss: Do you by any chance have fnatic x Champion hoodie left over and are willing to sell it to me? And if i guess your finish at worlds correctly will i get Hyli sign it for me? My guess is 1st place
Avatar for medicham
medicham@medicham• 21/09/2022
Loading...For Hylli: Will you play any engage support champs again like Rakan, Pyke, Braum, this Worlds?
Avatar for Konvick
Konvick@Konvick• 21/09/2022
Loading...@medicham Hylissang: " I don't know yet what meta we have on worlds patch since it is not live yet, but if they are in meta then sure"
Avatar for FNCJack
FNCJack@FNCJack• 21/09/2022
Loading...Who do you think will be your main carry (who will shine the most) during the worlds meta ?
Avatar for Mrhammouze🇲🇦
Loading...Question to Dardo and JustRoss I know that logistics for team prep for worlds are different than regular season. Could you enlighten us about the challenges you face as team managers when going to worlds? and how are you dealing with those? thank you and all the best for worlds Hamza
Avatar for Jenrang
JenrangCitizen Key Holder@Fake-Love• 21/09/2022
Loading...Hi guys, I love you! Greetings from Costa Rica. Good luck in Worlds.🖤🧡 My question would be... Why the insistence on drafts that clearly didn't work? From the outside it seemed like a great team, but when we lost the first reason they pointed out was the draft, being the superior opponent in this most of the time. This seen by fans and people with knowledge of it.
Avatar for Qatfish
QatfishPioneer Key Holder@Qatfish• 21/09/2022
Loading...For Razork: Who are you most looking forward to, to jungle against at Worlds and why?
Avatar for HDK-Catharsis
Loading...Question to Upset: What do u think about the adc meta at worlds ? Since playoffs there has been a lot of adc changes like Kalista and Zeri nerfs and buffs for Caitlyn, Miss Fortune and Ezreal. Will there be a huge difference to Playoffs ?
Avatar for Jännel
JännelCitizen Key Holder@Jaennel• 21/09/2022
Loading...Question to Upset: Are you expecting the ADC meta to change in comparison to the meta at play-offs and which picks do you think will rise in or fall out of priority?
Avatar for Yolla
Yolla@Yolla• 21/09/2022
Loading...Question to Wunder: Do you think toplaners improved overall compared to last years? Or there's no big gap between East and West toplaners.
Avatar for MystiCheib
MystiCheibCitizen Key Holder@MystiCheib• 21/09/2022
Loading...Questions to Shaves: What do you think can this Team achieve at worlds? You agree with IWD that the LEC is the best draft region? You think the meta will have a big shift for Worlds?
Avatar for Kev1n95100
Kev1n95100@Kev1n95100• 21/09/2022
Loading...Question to Upset & Hylissang : which bot lane are you looking forward to facing ?
Avatar for Zucutum Papa
Loading...> question to hyli: Keeping it with the enchanters or you'll try to go back to your best Champs? We'd love to see some 1000IQ professor plays, please. Also, have you or winder thought about retiring? Please don't. Hope to see you in Mexico, boys! Love you
Avatar for nikito80
nikito80Citizen Key Holder@nikito80• 21/09/2022
Loading...Not a question to Hyli. From a Bulgarian fan, I wish him luck and he has my full support ubtil he retires! I'm proud of him!
Avatar for mdwll
mdwllCitizen Key Holder@mdwll-Mhb• 21/09/2022
Loading...First of all hello there ! hope you had some well deserved break after that insane playoff run , I would like to know if we're feeling optimistic with the current meta shift heading to worlds with things like Thresh Ash making a comeback and I would like to personally hype up Razork ! Lee and Heca are back baby !! no more Trundle Poppy duty
Avatar for LittleChiko
Loading...Question to **Razork** Why are you so cute? Also good luck at worlds 🖤 Much love to everyone ❤️
Avatar for AlF2ih45
AlF2ih45Citizen Key Holder@AlF2ih45• 21/09/2022
Loading...Question to wunder: anyone special youre looking forward to face? and how are you planing to compete vs top tier toplaners any spicy picks youre saving? best regards and gl at worlds
Avatar for 1FreshBanana1
Loading...Do you believe in the fnatic bra buff?
Avatar for Johanna
Johanna@jool0594• 21/09/2022
Loading...What would you like to see in the worlds-meta?