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Hardstuck in Gold and best LeBlanc Tanzania (not so sure).
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Mixing numbers with stories to create value and seeking life-changing ideas.
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Loading...> question to hyli: Keeping it with the enchanters or you'll try to go back to your best Champs? We'd love to see some 1000IQ professor plays, please. Also, have you or winder thought about retiring? Please don't. Hope to see you in Mexico, boys! Love you
Zucutum PapaPioneer Key Holder
Loading...[video]https://cdn.fnatic.com/community/encoded/2119fdb1-0b53-476e-a7af-85078bf143ea.mp4[/video] **Summoner name:** Zucutum Papa **Region:** LAN **Champion:** LeeSin
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Tributo a Razork
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Loading...[video]https://cdn.fnatic.com/community/encoded/45bf96eb-61c8-4d31-b01b-36418208031a.mp4[/video] **Summoner name:** Zucutum Papa **Region:** LAN **Champion:** Diana