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What products would you like to see next from us? (Apparel)

What products would you like to see next from us? (Apparel)

We are super excited to hear your thoughts on our apparel! Show us some examples of what you would like to see in the future!

Can't wait to share what we've been working on!

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Avatar for Maelstrom
Maelstrom@Maelstrom• 25/11/2022
Loading...A purple hoodie would be insane
Avatar for 1FreshBanana1
Avatar for Ma
MaPioneer Key Holder@Mallow_97• 22/11/2022
Loading...Sportswear! Like training leggings...etc. 😀
Avatar for R3ddaz
R3ddazPioneer Key Holder@R3ddaz• 20/11/2022
Loading...frankly continue the neutral collection (quality, embroidery, sober) it's great I dress a lot in neutral
Avatar for AsayakeSG
AsayakeSGCore Key Holder@AsayakeSG• 26/10/2022
Loading...Honestly a long sleeve dry fit jersey
Avatar for MrAw3som3_GER
Loading...I have a few suggestions: 1. New pants with zipper pockets and Fnatic lettering on the leg [similar to the ones from World Finals 2018]( (I can't wear them without and won't buy) 2. Knee-length shorts with zipper pockets [in black and orange with our logo of course]( 3. Zip-jackets (e.g. [one like this big boy is wearing]( but with new branding) 4. Zip hoodies ([example]( ) 5. A collection to celebrate the greatest victories of the organization [e.g. 1st World Championship in LoL] - [could for example include a remake of our Worlds season 1 jackets]( Generally speaking, I miss the old days of Fnatic merchandise, where we had options to look like a cheesy esport fan - if we had the urge to. Most of the newer stuff is looking really bland. I know that a lot of people like it, so I don't want to argue to remove it. But I would like to have a section where the ones like me have their choice as well. 😉I also support other suggestions in this thread, but instead of just naming them again, I upvoted them. PS.: I know it does not fall into the category of this thread, but I am still interested in seeing the birth of wireless headphones/a wireless headset of Fnatic GEAR.
Avatar for surplaa
surplaa@surplaa• 06/10/2022
Loading...des manteau personalisables ou des chaussures sneakers
Avatar for zeDrake
zeDrake@zeDrake• 30/09/2022
Loading...Honestly would love to see some legacy jerseys come back. Old design new fit / material.
Avatar for Nick
Nick@Nick• 28/09/2022
Loading...What about sneakers? 👟😄
Avatar for DjGawronn
DjGawronnPioneer Key Holder@DjGawronn• 23/06/2022
Loading...Since there are mobile streamers popping up in the network then I suggest Fnatic branded finger sleeves. Would definitely buy!!!
Avatar for p0w3l1
p0w3l1Pioneer Key Holder@p0w3l1• 13/06/2022
Loading...Damn would I proudly wear some FNC underwear; orange cloth with black or white elastic stripe and orange letters for Fnatic 😍
Avatar for Luana Coelho
Luana Coelho@LuhCoelho• 13/06/2022
Loading...A shirt with the Boaster's dance [giphy]zxrFBfKDBTrUadBIoT[/giphy] #FNCWIN
Avatar for Zucutum Papa
Loading...Guys, please, delivery to LATAM!
Avatar for Luana Coelho
Luana Coelho@LuhCoelho• 13/06/2022
Loading...@charlesztone Yesssss, please!!! Brazilian big fan here!
Avatar for Madscot
MadscotPioneer Key Holder@Madscot• 09/06/2022
Loading...Something that has never been exploited are all the Fnatic-related memes and references on clothing (like wide Bwipo, Nesquick, Holo-Holo). I know there was some mousepads and stuff for Broxah, Rekkles or JW. I think it would be super cool to have apparel that references players and their related memes. A few ideas: - Professor Hyli - Get your Boasties - fantic 🙂 - Yamato's "We are on top of a mountain" - La Formula T-shirts and/or hoodies with those would be super fun and eternalise these memes in the Fnatic fanbase culture.
Avatar for owenmelbz
owenmelbzOfficial@owenmelbz• 10/06/2022
Loading...@Madscot I appreicate doing this in “bulk” might be tricky for the production line, but another route is using something like where we upload official designs to their site and they handle the full print/dispatch process.
Avatar for MrAw3som3_GER
Loading...@Madscot xPeke backdoor boxer shorts when? 😂
Avatar for Lahm
Lahm@Lahm• 09/06/2022
Loading...Japanese Streetwear styled clothing (There's a lot of variance however) would be great, would moreso fit with my wardrobe I'd be wearing to events, as much as I like jerseys, etc. I imagine there's a lot of artists out there that could do some insane stuff with free reign to customize the Fnatic branding. Examples below! May update it with a few more in the future. - [Kamifox]( - [NØИSENSE]( - [CDG Play](
Avatar for fran
franPioneer Key Holder@franwhsh• 08/06/2022
Loading...fnatic bras / sports bras !
Avatar for Nim
NimPioneer Key Holder@Nim• 08/06/2022
Loading...Just planning larger sizes would already be not bad too :)
Avatar for Stepharina
StepharinaOfficial@Steph• 07/06/2022
Loading...An apparel collab with an anime like Jujutsu Kaisen or even One Piece 👀
Avatar for crumb1e
crumb1eOfficial@crumb1e• 07/06/2022
Loading...FNC dungarees would be 🔥
Avatar for owenmelbz
owenmelbzOfficial@owenmelbz• 07/06/2022
Loading...We all know where this is going.... ![fnatic bra](
Avatar for RaZoK
RaZoKPioneer Key Holder@RaZoK• 08/06/2022
Loading...@owenmelbz Surprised this didn't come first!
Avatar for InTMaverick
Loading...Would love to see some UNIQUE clothing options. Apposed to the normal selection!
Avatar for VivianHuang
Loading...Fnatic sunnies would be sick 😎
Avatar for Ed Gregory
Ed GregoryOfficial@EJG23• 07/06/2022
Loading...Fnatic Socks are where it's at ![Screenshot 2022-06-07 at 15.58.18.png](