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Loading...Organize an open hq tour for all the members to share some beer and live talk with players and staff. I mean we just see the edge of the organization, would be awesome to see the behind the scenes and content/product creation process. Would collect all the brainstorming event ideas and share some future all together in a room.
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Loading...My personal opinion is that ranks shifted a lot years by years, i remember that in s3 being plat required way more skill than being plat right now. I basically consider gold-plat mid elo, diam high elo, master+ pro players or real skill people (or lot of time 😅).
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Loading...In my opinion… 🟠The missing products: - Backpack (the last one has still the legacy logo) - Socks ( we really miss this, it’s the only missing element in my Fnatic running kit) - Sport Bra - Bandana 🟠Honorable mentions: - Cool collabs ( like the old nike one, takes more time for those to project and organize but cmon they are huge ) - Bag/ Travel suitcase - Zip Jackets/Hoodies - Keychains / pins