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[AMA] CS SQUAD - Ask your questions now!

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[AMA] CS SQUAD - Ask your questions now!


Our entire CS squad is in London for a bootcamp! :hype:

We will answer all of your questions in our AMA!

:fnatic: When: Friday, 19th August, at 12 PM BST

:fnatic: Where: Official Discord Server

:fnatic: Who:

  • Mezii (IGL)

  • roeJ (Rifler)

  • KRIMZ (Rifler)

  • FASHR (Rifler)

  • nicoodoz (AWP)

  • Keita (Strategic Coach)

  • Kevve (Assistant Coach)

  • Samme (Team Director)

  • cArn (CGO, Chief Gaming Officer)

⚠️Please make sure to direct all of your questions to someone!

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Avatar for dM
dMCitizen Key Holder@dM• 19/08/2022
Loading...Question for Carn / Samme / Keita: In your opinion: closing on bootcap for 5-6 months is it more of a good or bad idea? The same Gambit in 2017 were on bootkamp for several months and they won the Major in Krakow. *Of course, it's not about money, it's about expediency*
Avatar for Georgester
GeorgesterPioneer Key Holder@Georgester• 19/08/2022
Loading...What happened that day, when we lost a round on Mirage on T Side with a full buy. The CT’s only had USP-S. We were attacking A site and all of the CT’s were in B site. We still lost. I just want to know how this happened and why you think this happened. As I feel this was a crucial moment that we realised we needed to change it up. 😄 Match Date: 9-6-2022
Avatar for DysonFury
DysonFury@DysonFury• 19/08/2022
Loading...With this new roster, what are your short-term goals (Pro League for example) and what are the long term goals? How far do you think you can push each other? Also can you ask Krimz to convince everyone to shave their head
Avatar for enestee
enesteeCitizen Key Holder@enestee• 19/08/2022
Loading...**Question for Carn/Samme** Since the beginning of 2021, fnatic missed out on 2 Majors, 2 Colognes and all of the Blast events. That can be because of various reasons like - Low ranking for qualifier invites on events like for Cologne 2022 Play-ins - Failing on qualifiers like Katowice 2021 Play-ins and Major RMRs - Not being a blast partner. Among the top orgs in CSGO, fnatic played the least amount of relevant events for the last 1.5 years. Is there any steps are being taken to get that Blast partner spot or trying to play on various smaller events like ESL Challenger in order to maintain the world ranking and thus getting consistent invites for big events and its qualifiers?
Avatar for KimpaVita
KimpaVita@KimpaVita• 18/08/2022
Loading...Question for Krimz. Who do you think would fit in a bald haircut??
Avatar for Georgester
GeorgesterPioneer Key Holder@Georgester• 18/08/2022
Loading...Agressive playstyles. 👉🏻👈🏻
Avatar for mrwilde
mrwildeCitizen Key Holder@MrW1lde• 18/08/2022
Loading...question for mezii how are you finding the IGL role after a few events you've played with the team? how is preparation coming on with the map pool (especially CT-side of maps) question for fashr how does it feel to play for a t1 org in cs and what do you hope to bring to the team? cant wait what you bring to the team and hope you win a major for us?
Avatar for pontus767
pontus767Citizen Key Holder@pontus767• 18/08/2022
Loading...**Question for Keita** You were previously coach in the rather unsuccessful Complexity team w/BlameF IGLing. Since quitting he's stated that he doesn't want to IGL again and that it hurts his individual performance. From your pov, what went wrong in his case and what are you doing now to make sure mezii doesn't end up the same? **Question for Mezii** You're more passive in your playstyle than modern IGL:s usually are. Will you change this change to adapt to the meta? If so, does that put your individual performance at risk? If not, what makes you confident your calling can be up to par with the best of the best either way? **Question for Kevve** What are your main contributions to this team? Has anything changed in recent months (besides quitting academy)? Also, you joined in 2020 when the best fnatic team in recent memory had started to fall off. In hindsight, would you say that team was beyond saving already when you joined? **Question for Samuelsson** With moments such as Fnatic failing to sign nawwk because of buyout (and NiP signing him just a few months later), signing peppzor to fix a failing team then NiP sign Dev1ce the litteral day after (with all due respect to pepp) and just the fact that it's been 1664 days since Fnatic advanced from one stage to another in a major cycle - The general consensus has been that Fnatic doesn't treat their CS team anywhere near as good as other teams. Sam Matthews himself admitted to this after the last RMR failure... So as the GM, have you noticed this yourself at times and would you say it's hurt the teams' performance in a significant way? If not then what would you say are the main reasons for the failure that's been over and over again? **Question for Carn** In your AMA w/Samuelsson in June you said the following: *"We have a different approach to many other orgs. CS is probably still to be proven, we need to think slightly differently to CS than in other titles. With CSGO we need to throw more brains at it, I can see so many times in the past year that the team probably needed an extra hand. We’re not done yet in how to figure out how a CS team is best coached, but we’re doing the calibration now as good as we can."* From an outside perspective nothing's really changed since then, it's still the same brains helping the team. Therefore am wondering, what that we as fans can't see has changed? What more in the calibration is there to be done?
Avatar for Qatfish
QatfishPioneer Key Holder@Qatfish• 18/08/2022
Loading...**Question for Mezii (IGL)** - With Fnatic's previous line up you played a heavy fragging role. How have you felt that now that you are IGLing this has hindered greatly/slightly your ability to still perform in this aspect? **Question for roeJ (Rifler)** - Kiss/Marry/Kill 🙂 (fnatic roster) **Question for KRIMZ (Rifler)** - You have an extensive history with Fnatic but also csgo as a whole. With so much of a legacy in the scene what is your highest moment in cs and your lowest moment? **Question for FASHR (Rifler)** - Coming from a background in tier 2 cs, what do you think you can personally bring skill wise to tier 1 cs, that other tier 1 players may not bring/be aware of? **Question for nicoodoz (AWP)** - Best and worst maps for awping? And what shampoo do you use for your hair? **Question for Keita (Strategic Coach)** **Question for Kevve (Assistant Coach)** **Question for Samme (Team Director)** **Question for cArn (CGO, Chief Gaming Officer)** Question for all the above (any can answer/give input). In the latest HLTV podcast, Kassad mentioned that Fnatic have a talented roster but lack any identity in it. Do you diasgree with the identity part? Or agree with it in the sense that it's a relatively new team that needs to develop/play first for finding an identity.
Avatar for Sextiz
Sextiz@Sextiz• 18/08/2022
Loading...**@KRIMZ** You are a true legend of Fnatic, so happy that you are still eager to get back to the top. Do you feel that with your experience in winning championships and majors you can lead the team through these hard times? Do you feel motivated to grind your way back to the top after all these years and all your previous success? **@mezii** You are still very young and a world class player, do you want to commit to IGL'ing in the long term (even though it might have some impact in your performance) or you just are taking this role in this time of need and your idea is to get back to a rifler role in the future? #AlwaysFnatic
Avatar for xzk
xzk@xzk• 17/08/2022
Loading...Question mostly for keita and mezii. Why is there still a bad mappool in the team, what is the reason for this?
Avatar for GimanTeki
GimanTeki@GimanTeki• 17/08/2022
Loading...Question to Keita or whoever made the decision What led to picking Mezii as IGL and not any of the others who got more experience like roej and KrimZ ?
Avatar for Lokej
LokejCitizen Key Holder@Lokej• 17/08/2022
Loading...Question for Fashr. how does it feels to be in fnatic? have you noticed a difference from ecstatic? Good luck in Fnatic looking forward seeing more of you in the server! #alwaysfnatic
Avatar for Lokej
LokejCitizen Key Holder@Lokej• 17/08/2022
Loading...Question mostly for keita and mezii. How are the preparation for our ct sides going? was a little bit worrying yesterday with two horrible ct sides. Was it because of lack of pracc or indviduals? Otherwhise T Sides look solid on overpass. #alwaysfnatic
Avatar for Lokiu
LokiuPioneer Key Holder@Lokiu• 17/08/2022
Loading...To cArn or Samme not sure. Is there plan to get a Head Coach ? As I understand it, Keita and Kevve are both coach but neither of them is "Head coach".
Avatar for nikoo
nikooCitizen Key Holder@nikoo• 17/08/2022
Loading...What would you guys like to change in CSGO?
Avatar for KingofKingz
KingofKingzPioneer Key Holder@nebukuro• 17/08/2022
Loading...To Kevve: Why did you stop igling for Rising and you still involved with the academy project?
Avatar for Alex Beszedin
Alex BeszedinCitizen Key Holder@beszedin• 17/08/2022
Loading...** Question for cArn (CGO, Chief Gaming Officer)** *What are the goals for the current CS:GO roster? *
Avatar for Sock
SockPioneer Key Holder@Sock• 17/08/2022
Loading...@KRIMZ What is your favourite country to play/be in and why? ❤️ Sock
Avatar for Legend
LegendPioneer Key Holder@Leg3nd• 17/08/2022
Loading...To Mezii: Is your masterplan since you joined Fnatic to change the whole team into players who run forward using rightclick?
Avatar for CoachNitu
CoachNituCitizen Key Holder@Nitu• 17/08/2022 carn or samme regarding lack of attention from fnc socials to csgo. no tweets about winning, losing, playing The csgo section is severly ignored by the socials. make a fnc csgo twitter account. thank you and roj big fan 🙂