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TofuPioneer Key Holder
Loading...I'd draft following guys for a big heist: - Tanni, our brain and planner for everything. She ensures everything goes smoothly - Adrian, Tannis Right Hand Man, bcs a good heist comes with big planning and he will be good asset on the back line. He is the main driver - Davard, big Hackerman vibe, mainly for hacking stuffs (idk if he can but would be nice lmao) and backups - Hylissang, our key playmaker, he is our vanguard - Upset, the cool head keeping Hyli in check - or jumps in with him
TofuPioneer Key Holder
Loading...@Tofu On the other hand, if I should go for one Wunder sized duck, then I'll need some protection or a weapon to have a good chance. But let's say I'm going in weapon less equipped only with Fnatic Jersey, giving me low protection, I'll just have to try to charge at it and grab the neck near the head - and hope it isn't strong enough to break free :x
TofuPioneer Key Holder
Loading...As a casual raider in Final Fantasy XIV myself, I'd say I'd have a difficult battle against 10 duck sized Wunder. If I have to fight him bare handed, I'd assume, the 10 Wunders are going to spread out and go for flanking, attacking from behind, grabbing legs, go for weakpoint simultaneously just like any MMO raid, and he won't give me time to breathe. So my battle plan is: As soon as the bell rings, go for the Wunder in the middle who is blocked by Wunders left and right before they can spread out. One solid punch in the Solarplexus, one down. Smaller hooman, low arm reach, easy target - should he block, just make a swift one to the head. Next thing I expect them to gang up on me, so there will be a struggle, so I gotta wrestle them down before the guys who spread out comes back to support - so I gotta grit the teeth and mow down one by one until there's only 2-4 Wunders left, the rest should be easy! As noone of the Wunder is a tank nor healer, I just bonk them down with a tankbuster one by one. Duty Failed!