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Loading...@boasterj Now you guys have got a couple of trophies, how has this affected the team’s motivation/hunger? Do you have any major goals for this year? @derke how many heads are you aiming to click this year? Good luck boys, excited for this year to start!
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Loading...I was never into esports or fps games and gave Valorant a go when it was first released after being convinced by a friend. I got instantly hooked as I loved how it was a game of strategy and not just shooter skills. I came across a very early valorant tournament on youtube (first strike) where SUMN FC were the absolute underdogs and having never watched esports and from the UK I decided to support them and they came so close to winning! From that point on I watched every tournament I could and watched the team grow, and eventually become picked up by a major esports organisation Fnatic! Following the journey has been absolutely incredible, from that initial loss against sentinels and the long come back story to become world champions multiple times in the same year is insane! The best memory has to be lock in, I had work the next day and was happy when it was 2-0 thinking we had it in the bag and I would make it to work fresh the next day! Thats when the most stressful few hours of my esports viewer career began and when we somehow brought it back from 11-3 it’s just something that you can’t even write! I shouted so loud (lol) at about 3am my girlfriend came sprinting out of the room wondering what the hell was going on and I spent the whole next day feeing like id personally just won the olympics or something. Best feeling ever and I’ve never felt anything like it from a sport, and people say esports isnt a sport! Thanks Fnatic boys for all the amazing and heartbreaking moments which made it all the more better! Now lets win champs!