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Avatar for Vanyel-
Vanyel-Pioneer Key Holder@Vanyel-• 03/03/2023
Loading...Difficult match coming ! Take my energy Boaster and explode everything !
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wackUCitizen Key Holder@wackU• 03/03/2023
Loading...come on fanticccc!!!! :shiny_fnatic: 🧡
Avatar for Fnatic Sam
Fnatic SamOfficial@sam• 03/03/2023
Loading...3 2!!
Avatar for Twoods
TwoodsPioneer Key Holder@jjattwood• 02/03/2023
Loading...Man we are looking so good right now, NAVI are too but as usual, im feeling it… ITS COMING HOME
Avatar for SmXfr
SmXfrPioneer Key Holder@SmXfr• 02/03/2023
Loading...Hype semi. Need to go in final against Brazilians :D
Avatar for Abydaby
Abydaby@abydaby• 02/03/2023
Loading...GRAAAAA WE WIN 3-1
Avatar for Kai
KaiPioneer Key Holder@Kai• 02/03/2023
Loading...DERKE 40bomb
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MrMalrusPioneer Key Holder@MrMalrus• 02/03/2023
Loading...I’m expecting a series like the one we had with Furia tbh… we are going to suffer a bit but we’ll make it! #AlwaysFnatic
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LahmPioneer Key Holder@Lahm• 02/03/2023
Loading...Going to be highly dependant on our Split or Lotus unless we've been trolling everyone with our Pearl ban. Looked decent against SEN on Split so hopefully that will be the 5th map. Ascent will be hard, and so will fracture but they're both decent maps for us, and I expect us to be favoured on Haven and Icebox. Keen to see how the boys use their experience vs FPX. We know them way better than they know us at this point, and will be crucial to thr series.
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ffmDannyPioneer Key Holder@ffmDanny• 01/03/2023
Loading...Hyped for some Icebox-action
Avatar for Tiago
TiagoModerator@FNCFallenAngel• 01/03/2023
Loading...Idk what the outcome will be, but it will be a hype series for sure
Avatar for Nite
NitePioneer Key Holder@Nite2• 01/03/2023
Loading...For sure we have a strong chance of winning, we just need to hold our nerve and remember that NAVI are insanely good also, I think it's gonna be a really good series.
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Loading...If we play like we did so far its an easy final. But Navi did look hella strong aswell so wont be likely we see 13-1 for either teams
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Avatar for Marija | Fnatic
Loading...@Che_GueMara I told you so 😎😎😎