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Do you believe in the miracle run?

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Avatar for Madscot
MadscotPioneer Key Holder@Madscot• 27/03/2023
Loading...We haven't begun to reach our potential
Avatar for Andra
AndraPioneer Key Holder@Andra• 26/03/2023
Avatar for Ene
EnePioneer Key Holder@Ene• 26/03/2023
Loading...I believe we can get to bo5 but think its gonna be a hard road but Pete will carry us to victory with his massages
Avatar for 1FreshBanana1
Loading...@Ene Pete massages are too op
Avatar for Twey
TweyPioneer Key Holder@Twey• 26/03/2023
Loading...Needed more time this year, with the intern problem, bit I believe in a good run at least now they seem to play better together 🤞
Avatar for TheDutchMagikarp
Loading...This is the year we do it all. Drop out as last place to start, win worlds to end it. Right? (No I don't actially think so but it would be cool)
Avatar for Ene
EnePioneer Key Holder@Ene• 26/03/2023
Loading...@TheDutchMagikarp That would be giga insane
Avatar for TsukiSora
TsukiSoraPioneer Key Holder@Tsuki• 26/03/2023
Loading...I think we have a really good chance of getting to playoffs. Still don't think we're a top team but I think we're at least 5th/6th. Hopefully we can make it through and the boys can get some good experience in BO3s. Think there's genuinely some potential here for summer at least with how much they've been improving already!
Avatar for DeItaX
DeItaXPioneer Key Holder@DeItaX• 26/03/2023
Loading...I think that we can at least get through round 1. After that a lot of teams are better. Anyway, never say never. AlwaysFnatic🔥🔥🔥
Avatar for Gureto
GuretoPioneer Key Holder@Gureto• 26/03/2023
Loading...I think we can do better For me, We still have to se a game where Rekkles is really clean from start to finish and where he carries us like the old time
Avatar for nZenn
nZennPioneer Key Holder@nZenn• 26/03/2023
Loading...Gotta admit, they have looking better
Avatar for fran
franPioneer Key Holder@franwhsh• 26/03/2023
Loading...after the first week i kinda gave up hope and was thinking okay this split gonna be depressing but seeing the team atmosphere and also going 2-1 last week gave me hope and now i believe we can do it !!
Avatar for Jayden
JaydenPioneer Key Holder@Jayden• 26/03/2023
Loading...I BELIEVE
Avatar for FedEagle
FedEagleCitizen Key Holder@FedEagle• 26/03/2023
Loading...@FugalPond WE BELIEVE 🧡🖤