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Our greatest competition in Copenhagen?

abydaby's avatarAbydaby@abydaby01/07/2022

Our greatest competition in Copenhagen?

With Copenhagen coming up, who do you believe that will make us sweat and will go to the length! Me personally I believe that loud and drx will be BANGER games.

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EscaldiOfficial@Escaldi• 19/07/2022
Loading...With the top 4 now set, I think PRX is the most dangerous. They seem so unpredictable and aggressive. It's almost like they're making their own rules.
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JackerlusCitizen Key Holder@Jackerlus• 07/07/2022
Loading...Loud has got me sweating more than OpTic for some reason, I can't lie
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LiamPioneer Key Holder@Lahm• 14/07/2022
Loading...@Jackerlus Don't have to sweat anymore 🤣
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Loading...KRÜ Esports are always great opponents to compete against... Not sure if they will be the greatest competition but will be a fun game for sure!
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Abydaby@abydaby• 01/07/2022
Loading...@FNATIC-Adrian champions revenge!