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[Closed] Play with Swallaspaa!

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[Closed] Play with Swallaspaa!

Greetings to our Key Holders!

:core: :pioneer: :citizen:

We are offering a chance for you to have a gaming session with the noob of Fnatic teaches noob...

If you want to win the chance to game with Pete upvote this post and comment down below with a :fnatic: along with a brief reasoning for why we should pick you to join in!

This giveaway is only for Fnatic Key Holders! If you are not a Key Holder you are not viable to enter this giveaway and your entry will not be valid!


Terms & Conditions Apply 👉


Congrats to@Selpha@nZenn@MrAw3som3_GER and@inst4nce !

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Avatar for David Kunakovsky
Loading...Well there is a chance that I might help Pete finally win. Sincerily silver jungle
Avatar for MagicNickBall
Loading...I would love to play with Pete because I am too hardstuck and would love to get out of my elo! :fnatic:
Avatar for julleboye
julleboyePioneer Key Holder@julleboye• 19/07/2022
Avatar for inst4nce
inst4ncePioneer Key Holder@inst4nce• 15/07/2022
Loading...Pete I need you to guide me out of Elo hell !!! Help me Swallaspaa you're my only hope. :fnatic:
Avatar for Lukasade
LukasadeCitizen Key Holder@Lukas• 15/07/2022
Loading...I want to play with Pete so he can experience what's over the horizon in gold once all the Fnatic teaches Noobs have finally paid off 😀 :fnatic: I also want to Anivia wall him in base constantly for banter x
Avatar for julleboye
julleboyePioneer Key Holder@julleboye• 15/07/2022
Loading...i wanna play with pete.
Avatar for zane
zane@zane• 14/07/2022
Loading...can i get chance to be part as a citizen 🙂
Avatar for deenki
deenkiPioneer Key Holder@deenki• 14/07/2022
Loading...Im a hardstuck silver(tbh I couldnt get past bronze this season for some reason sadge) but I would love to have the opportunity to play with Pete and learn new stuff from what he learned from “Get out of gold” ones and enjoy the experience and make new friends 😃
Avatar for Godsup
GodsupCitizen Key Holder@Godsup• 13/07/2022
Loading...I need help getting out of silver and I am sure Pete is the perfect person for this task! ![a23b57ed-bbf7-442b-916a-64129ba34ce4.png](
Avatar for Rajsa
RajsaPioneer Key Holder@Rajsa• 13/07/2022
Loading...:fnatic: Pete :fnatic: we all know your main, Samira, is a legendary sight to behold. I main support (specifically Thresh) and have been waiting for almost 10 years to play with someone of your caliber. With all the accumulated knowledge you've acquired over the years from all the fnc pros that have been in fnatic teaches noob, we can probably reach gold 1 or maybe even platinum in a couple games. :fnatic:
Avatar for Ene
EnePioneer Key Holder@Ene• 13/07/2022
Loading...:fnatic: I can make Pete shine with my hyli cosplay (100% true) and I want to get teached by him so I can get to challenger with him.
Avatar for Jaguar
JaguarCitizen Key Holder@Jaguar• 13/07/2022
Loading...When Pete was holding his tournament a year ago, I was a captain of one team. We talked for a while on his stream and I really want to repeat that, bcs of how charming Pete is :D P.S. So If the prize is to play with Pete, is Zoë also included? 😆
Avatar for Ryujinhaeyong
Loading...I am the most lost adc that probably exists, i believe i could hit challenger in 2 games with pete.
Avatar for Maurica
MauricaCitizen Key Holder@Maurica• 13/07/2022
Loading...![fnatic.png]( I am the best player the LoL Community has ever seen, my name represents my skill and my jungle skills are just uncompareable to anyone else. I should play LEC but I injured my pinky finger, thats why Im only gold
Avatar for KingWheelz
KingWheelzCitizen Key Holder@KingWheelz• 13/07/2022
Loading...I am the self proclaimed best mid laner that maybe will not feed the enemy maybe, no promises! ![fnatic.webp](
Avatar for Mendedgnome
Loading...I can be the dirty Yasuo main to Pete's Gragas. ![fnatic.webp](
Avatar for LeoGalani_Avontz
Loading...nobody heads shot like I do. Pete should testify this while eating a muffin trap :fnatic:
Avatar for xAdverb
xAdverbPioneer Key Holder@xAdverb• 11/07/2022
Loading...:fnatic: Fnatic Teaches Noob to Teach Noobier Noob. I'm content gold...even if I'm Silver ELO.
Avatar for Jayden
JaydenPioneer Key Holder@Jayden• 11/07/2022
Loading...:fnatic: who wouldn't want to play with such a legend?
Avatar for Kai
KaiPioneer Key Holder@Kai• 10/07/2022
Loading...:fnatic: Pete's a legend for giving Nemi the best Hair cut of his life... Tbh if i was picked id expect Pete to give me the same cut =3
Avatar for MrAw3som3_GER
Loading...:fnatic: Aloha Pete. If I get picked, there is a high chance we might laugh our asses off in the session together as I consider myself to be Hyli ordered from wish. I play as aggressive, but lack hands and a brain - hence why I am in Gold.
Avatar for byse
bysePioneer Key Holder@byse• 10/07/2022
Loading...:fnatic: Only players with this level of skill can teach concepts that me and other silvers ignore through many games
Avatar for JoshyLegends
Loading...:fnatic: PLS TEACH ME DADDY
Avatar for Cier96
Cier96Pioneer Key Holder@Cier96• 09/07/2022
Loading...:fnatic: A chance to play with the best player on the squad? who else can teach me the gold 300 years worth of experience tactics?!
Avatar for Tahir Jamie
Tahir JamiePioneer Key Holder@Tahero• 09/07/2022
Loading...:fnatic: A gaming session that will make the game more fun to play. Plus I think Pete is the fun one in Fnatic [giphy]R6gvnAxj2ISzJdbA63[/giphy]
Avatar for belluzz27
belluzz27Pioneer Key Holder@belluzz27• 09/07/2022
Loading...i’m bronze, i can’t level up becouse i don’t play a lot and becouse i always find people without hands🎉
Avatar for Fnatic_Pelzman
Loading...:fnatic: I just reached silver. so with the help of Pete I could become unstoppable. hitting Challenger after some coaching by pete is absolutely possible!
Avatar for Lethal Lotus
Loading...:fnatic: because it would be a real cool experience and would be a lot of fun i recon^^ well and also I´m a hardstuck gold vayne main so maybe, but thats a big maybe, you´ll get some good plays
Avatar for MaMpeN
MaMpeNPioneer Key Holder@MaMpeN• 09/07/2022
Loading...:fnatic: Because i will most def drag him down to bronze, and that means more work for the actual pros to get him to challenger, which means more "Fnatic teatches noob" and more content for you guys :)))
Avatar for ExtraILarge
Loading...:fnatic: So that he also gets the chance to finally teach someone... maybe, atleast at something
Avatar for ToplaneGuy
ToplaneGuyPioneer Key Holder@ToplaneGuy• 09/07/2022
Loading...:fnatic: i like pete, i dont think there would be much better people to play with. unless of course you enjoy looking like a fool because you play with a pro player 👀
Avatar for Dante Brancaccio
Loading...:fnatic: Because he can teach me some issues on team 5v5 macro
Avatar for AlexejVogel
Loading...:fnatic: I will help Pete reach Plat of course! Unless he's already there then... Diamond? :pog:
Avatar for 1FreshBanana1
Loading...![fnatic.webp]( I always wanted to get the chance to flame pete ;)
Avatar for RenoNiiChan
Loading...:fnatic: Id be happy to let any1 else take this spot so I'm not gonna sugar coat a reason to pick me over any of these other magnificent ppl :fnaticfist:
Avatar for Georgester
GeorgesterPioneer Key Holder@Georgester• 09/07/2022
Loading...You should pick me because I am 1337.
Avatar for Selpha
SelphaPioneer Key Holder@Selpha• 09/07/2022
Loading...:fnatic: To be quite honest, I am hardstuck for over 5 years, maybe Pete can correct my League of Legends failures and allow me to finally hit Gold! Loved Fnatic since 2012-ish(?) I believe with CSGO and been a great fan since. I love this fellows videos and would be a fun experience to meet him! I can play mainly top and adc
Avatar for TruVyper
TruVyperPioneer Key Holder@TruVyper• 09/07/2022
Loading...:fnatic: When thinking Fnatic, it used to be pictured with the faces of people like Rekkles, Brolan, JW, Febiven, and much more. Now, whoever thinks of Fnatic and doesn't bring up Pete, the GOAT of content creation, is a fool. I just want to be able to bask in some of that glory.
Avatar for Max
Max Pioneer Key Holder@Gaming-Gamer• 09/07/2022
Loading...Id love to meet him
Avatar for cato
catoPioneer Key Holder@catonica• 09/07/2022
Loading...:fnatic: As a so (often) called "noob support" I should be supporting a noob, right? What better reason is there 🍡 :fnaticfire:
Avatar for BuildXattack
Loading...:fnatic: because noobs have to play together, so they don`t feel so bad.
Avatar for Elpack
ElpackPioneer Key Holder@Elpack• 09/07/2022
Loading...:fnatic: Would love to be a part of the new YouTube series "Noob teaches Noob" in which Pete (Gold) passes on some of the great advice from the Fnatic Pros (Challenger) to me (Bronze)!
Avatar for nZenn
nZennPioneer Key Holder@nZenn• 09/07/2022
Loading...:fnatic: He is more than Pete's the eye. I think we would play well together as I am also a noob who have received coaching by a fnatic player (not that I got much better).
Avatar for Kybet
KybetPioneer Key Holder@Kybet• 09/07/2022
Loading...:fnatic: I can give him coaching as we play so we can get him to diamond! 👀
Avatar for Sollly
SolllyPioneer Key Holder@Sollly• 09/07/2022
Loading...i have no idea how to put that fnatic symbol, and havnt played lol in a couple of months, but could do with a hand reigniting my enjoyment of the game
Avatar for Lethal Lotus
Loading...@Sollly : fnatic : but without the spaces
Avatar for Unicornl0rd
Loading...:fnatic: as we can see in all of the Fnatic Videos, Pete is a really cool dude. Would be nice to talk to him.
Avatar for Parsith
ParsithPioneer Key Holder@Parsith• 09/07/2022
Loading...:fnatic: Because I just got Covid and that would be right in time when I‘m better again☺️
Avatar for Twey
TweyPioneer Key Holder@Twey• 09/07/2022
Loading...:fnatic: If Pete need more a good company than a strong challenger to play with, I'm his man ! #WaterChampion
Avatar for Rhysko1234
Rhysko1234Pioneer Key Holder@rhysko1234• 09/07/2022
Loading...:fnatic: It's my birthday today and would love a present :P and would love to have a good meme around with Pete
Avatar for Sgt-Sushi
Sgt-SushiCitizen Key Holder@Sgt-Sushi• 09/07/2022
Loading...:fnatic: The fact that Pete is higher elo than me is embarassing, but imma do my best anyways ! ....or turbo int :I
Avatar for Stefans
StefansPioneer Key Holder@Stewie90k• 09/07/2022
Loading...:fnatic: A noob adc needs a noob support ! Lets go be noobs together Pete!