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Boaster Community Birthday Card

Boaster Community Birthday Card

Hi guys!

So it's Boaster's birthday upcoming (25th May) and he's done so much for everyone and he deserves a little something from us :)

Here's a birthday card to be signed by the community - feel free to add posts with messages and/or images for him by clicking on the green button in the top right :D

The card

Edit: If this card runs out of space, here's a second one :)

2nd Card

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Avatar for FuriousSyndrome
Loading...This was such a fun project
Avatar for FuriousSyndrome
Loading...Awwww these are so cute
Avatar for hunie
hunie@hunie• 25/05/2024
Loading...That is freaking cool!
Avatar for FuriousSyndrome
Loading...@hunie Boastie birthdaaay
Avatar for Rayo
Rayo@Rayo• 25/05/2024
Loading...That is so cute!
Avatar for FuriousSyndrome
Loading...@Rayo Agreed
Avatar for w_isha
w_isha@w_isha• 25/05/2024
Loading...UP! happy birthday boaster 🥳🫶
Avatar for FuriousSyndrome
Loading...@w_isha YIPPEEE
Avatar for w_isha
w_isha@w_isha• 10/05/2024
Loading...This is so cool! I know he will read it, I saw a video where he said he always read fan letters!
Avatar for FuriousSyndrome
Loading...@w_isha AWWWH
Avatar for Efe
Efe@Efe• 10/05/2024
Loading...Yoo cool idea.I will write one rn
Avatar for FuriousSyndrome
Loading...@Efe :D
Avatar for Franky
FrankyCitizen Key Holder@Franky• 10/05/2024
Loading...That's a really cool idea
Avatar for FuriousSyndrome
Loading...@Franky Right!
Avatar for Lidn
LidnModerator@Lidn• 10/05/2024
Loading...Nice initiative!
Avatar for FuriousSyndrome
Loading...@Lidn Smart move
Avatar for Catxalote
Catxalote@CATXALOTE• 09/05/2024
Loading...It looks like you support him a lot and I hope he reads it!!!
Avatar for FuriousSyndrome
Loading...@CATXALOTE ^
Avatar for AshRunsAway
Loading...@CATXALOTE Aww thank you :)