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[AMA] VCT LOCK//IN Champions - Ask your questions now!

[AMA] VCT LOCK//IN Champions - Ask your questions now!

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CoJo and mini are hosting an AMA! :hype:

:fnatic: When: Monday, 20th March, at 13:00 CET

:fnatic: Where: @Twitter Spaces

:fnatic: Who:

Ask your questions now and turn up to the live AMA!

Who knows, maybe some surprise guests will join 👀

⚠️ Please make sure to direct all of your questions to CoJo or mini!


The AMA has taken place, listen to the recording here: LINK

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Avatar for Natsuami
Natsuami@Natsuami• 20/03/2023
Loading...Question for Mini,, What things you should and Shouldn't do to play and Have Individual impact as Initiator even if the team doesn't communicate back to you and of course to be god initiator like Leo and Chronicle. Thanks for answering
Avatar for sk1nnypp
sk1nnypp@sk1nnypp• 19/03/2023
Loading...To both: Throughout all the roster iterations over the past few years, what have been your biggest takeaways on building a coherent and successful team?
Avatar for Jhin Wick IV
Loading...Question for the legend himself mini: can you hit the griddy?
Avatar for maria12
maria12@maria-• 19/03/2023
Loading...question for mini, how do you handle when your team is getting tilted? and also is Leo single? (asking for a friend)
Avatar for Macaiyla
Macaiyla@Macaiyla• 19/03/2023
Loading...This question is for mini, how do you handle if your team is getting tired and not performing that well on tournaments? how do you get them back on track or motivate them?
Avatar for Macaiyla
Macaiyla@Macaiyla• 19/03/2023
Loading...this question is for anyone, what is the secret on being a good initiator?
Avatar for kimvi
kimvi@hellohi• 19/03/2023
Loading...for cojo: are there any plans for a gamechangers team?
Avatar for vividOCE
vividOCE@vividOCE• 19/03/2023
Loading...Hey Mimi, How is fnatic coaches and IGL try to prevent the almost-collapse that happen in sao paleo from happening again? Is the team looking hard on ways to improve (and focusing on the future and avoiding being complacent) and avoid slipping like SEN, Gambit & other big teams did after they won their trophies?
Avatar for Kandinsky
KandinskyCitizen Key Holder@Kandinsky• 18/03/2023
Loading...Thoughts on EMEA League competition? Many say Americas is the strongest right now, so how far behind are EMEA teams other then FNATIC and NAVi being top contenders like LOUD, NRG, LEV, 100T? Also EMEA League will be a big change of pace from LOCK//IN with 9 matches over 8 weeks on stage. What would the weekly schedule be like for the team before match days during this period?
Avatar for Alge
Alge@Alge• 18/03/2023
Loading...My question is for mini: Going into the event, I thought Chronicle would be playing info initiators like Sova and Leo would be playing flash initiators like Breach. What was the thought process behind setting the roles for those two players?
Avatar for Alge
Alge@Alge• 18/03/2023
Loading...My question is for mini: Why don't you guys like playing any initiators like Kayo on a map like Split? Also how do you think Alfajer is setting into the sentinel role? Bonus question: Do you ever intend to change your name from mini to Mini? Keep up the great work!
Avatar for SpruceTree
SpruceTree@SpruceTree• 18/03/2023
Loading...My question is for both: i know you have been using the light shield strategy for some time now, who was the person that orginally suggested it and why do you think it was successful for you guys this time around compared to other events/teams (NRG) who have used it in the past? Thanks! And congrats on the win :)
Avatar for homework
homework@homework• 18/03/2023
Loading...for cojo: I am asking Cojo since I am unsure whom to direct my content-related questions to at fnatic. Could you also advise us on whom we should approach for such queries at fnatic in the future? What types of content can we expect from fnatic this year? Their content output was slow and infrequent before this year. The VCT vlogs were posted almost a month after the tournament ended, and a similar pattern was followed for the voice comm videos. Additionally, can we expect more videos featuring fnatic players, such as the Family Feud and Ceadral to Radiant videos they released this year?
Avatar for TruVyper
TruVyperPioneer Key Holder@TruVyper• 18/03/2023
Loading...My question is for the both of them, How do you expect to improve a team that’s already competing at championship level? Is it difficult making new game plans when you’ve shown your full deck during competition? How do you humble the gentleman after such an incredible run so you can look ahead on new competitions? When will we see a “Boaster” walk out from everyone?
Avatar for homework
homework@homework• 18/03/2023
Loading...for cojo: fnatic has often been associated with having "honeymoon" phases, from the addition of magnum and derke to the addition of alfa and enzo. Now again, after the victory of fnatic at lock-in, some people have brought this narrative back of the fnatic squad overperforming due to this honeymoon phase with each of their roster changes. (most notably by Suygetsu in the finals interview at lock-in) especially considering how just winning five matches won fnatic the tournament instead of having to go through a normal split and then a VCT event. What are your thoughts on this "honeymoon phase" narrative that people bring up from time to time? Do you think that the squad has always gone through honeymoon phases, or is it mostly that the squad loses because of their own faults and mistakes rather than the expiration of such a honeymoon phase?
Avatar for Humza Mahmud
Loading...for mini i wanted to ask what happened on lotus against loud. Anderzz tweeted he expected the comp from loud so how did you guys prepare and what went wrong, from what boaster said on stream it sounded like nerve affecting comms but what is your takeaway from that map
Avatar for anay
anay@anay• 18/03/2023
Loading...For Mini what is the dynamic between you boaster slk (and anderz for lockin) and the team rn for preps strats and overall macro of team. does each person have a specific role like one person is strategist one looks for antistrats one for player dev etc cause earlier i think i remember you saying boaster leads the strategy and you assist him and prevent him for going too far (triple smokes on bind)
Avatar for homework
homework@homework• 18/03/2023
Loading...@anay bro literally just read my mind and copied the question i wanted to ask
Avatar for HeroicBastard
Loading...Hey :) first of all congratulations on the win, big showing, hope it makes you guys deservedly very happy. To cojo, as this is a employment/management question. Anderzz was "only" joining you guys for Lock//In and is currently not associated with the team, correct? do you plan on working with him together again in the future? do you plan on bringing in another coach, in addition to mini and slk? To mini. what do you think of the viability of gekko in pro-play? He seems very enjoyable in ranked/normal, but pro is a different ball game at the end of the day. as the league is starting soon, I dont expect too many details, but maybe just a short overall assesment would be very nice. thank you, for answering and doing this to begin with. have fun and success in berlin :)
Avatar for Loki
LokiModerator@Loki• 18/03/2023
Loading...Hello both, congratulations again on winning an international LAN. For Mini: Do you think we will see more adopters of the Harbor/Viper comp? Do you find it easier to adapt to new agents, or new maps? How important is staying ahead of the meta when it comes to international tournaments? For Cojo: You've been in charge of several esports titles for Fnatic. What are the transferrable skills you've taken with you to each game? What achievement are you most proud of in your career? What is your thought process when you sign players / construct a roster?
Avatar for Kandinsky
KandinskyCitizen Key Holder@Kandinsky• 18/03/2023
Loading...Thoughts on the Logo and overall branding and marketing for EMEA League compared to the other international leagues?