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What is your favourite Fnatic LoL roster over the years?

What is your favourite Fnatic LoL roster over the years?

Let us take you on a trip down memory lane with some of rosters of the past..

2013 Spring


2015 Summer


2019 Spring


2022 Spring


Which roster is your favourite? Let us know in the comments which roster you'd pick and why!

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Avatar for Fabibou Trop Pipou
Loading...2018 one, but the version with bwipo and hylissang bot, the one roster that really made me love esports
Avatar for Elbos
ElbosPioneer Key Holder@Elbos• 08/09/2022
Loading...xPeke, Rekkles, Cyanide, YellOwStaR and sOAZ
Avatar for Stewie90k
Stewie90kPioneer Key Holder@Stewie90k• 13/08/2022
Loading...Easy 2015 Fnatic ! The first ever Pro game I saw was when Rekkles came back and was this big hype train about it and I was like o S*it pro league ? Lets give it a go and from there I saw every Fnatic game and I was a witness of the miraculous 18-0 run ! Ever since then I am a hardcore Fnatic supporter even after the 2016 which was the worst of them all ! :hype: :shiny_fnatic:
Avatar for p0w3l1
p0w3l1Pioneer Key Holder@p0w3l1• 10/06/2022
Loading...As much as I adore xPeke or the 2018 summer roster that made it to worlds finals, the roster that hooked me so hard to Fnatic was 2015, specially summer split with Rekkles back on board. Huni probably will be my favourite Fnatic player of all times since he inspired me to main top till today, even though I'm hardstuck gold xD God I wish I could sometime see Huni, Broxah, xPeke, Rekkles and Hyli in the same team
Avatar for Matroi
MatroiCitizen Key Holder@Matroi• 10/06/2022
Loading...Has to be 2014, sOAZ, Cyanide, xPeke, Rekkles and yellowstar. It's what got me started with league but the group was so good together in general. Maybe not the best team but favourite for sure.
Avatar for SAMI
SAMICitizen Key Holder@238SAMIxD• 09/06/2022
Loading...ofc 18-0 Huni, Reingover, Febiven, Rekkles and Yellowstar
Avatar for Liam
LiamPioneer Key Holder@Lahm• 09/06/2022
Loading...In terms of personality, 2013 was just a good and plain exciting time, but the 2015 and 2018 runs will hold a special place. So many exciting times to be a fan.
Avatar for ArcadiaM
ArcadiaMPioneer Key Holder@ArcadiaM• 08/06/2022
Loading...Would either go for 2019 or 2021 Summer. 2019 imo was a great roster and was able to compete at the highest level against the strongest G2 roster ever fielded as well as vs top teams internationally. Regarding 2021 Summer while i was not a huge fan of Bwipo in the toplane he showed that with very little time on the role that he was an amazing jungler and has huge potential in that role and would have loved to see him stick with the position.
Avatar for ToplaneGuy
ToplaneGuyPioneer Key Holder@ToplaneGuy• 08/06/2022
Loading...I miss Bwipo 😩
Avatar for Nim
NimPioneer Key Holder@Nim• 08/06/2022
Loading...2015 Summer FTW 😍
Avatar for 1FreshBanana1
Loading...Fnatic 2021. Started to watch LoL E-Sport there and fell in love with the boys.
Avatar for Smallboi
SmallboiPioneer Key Holder@Smallboi• 08/06/2022
Loading...For me, it was definitely 2019 Spring. Nemesis, Rekkles, Hyli, Broxah, & Bwipo. Synergy was unmatched. A very close competitor, maybe even trumps it, was Bwipo, Hyli, Upset, Nisqy, & Adam. I credit this down to the videos the FNC Youtube Channel were posting and with Pete, Yamato and the gang involved it just looked like such a fun time for the guys and it definitely hooked me as a fan. Absolutely loving the new team and very much excited for the upcoming games and videos to accompany.