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Fnatic enters Teamfight Tactics with milala and Wasianiverson!

Fnatic enters Teamfight Tactics with milala and Wasianiverson!

Hey Fnatics!

We are extremely excited to announce we're entering a third Riot title and to welcome the incredible milala and Wasianiverson to our roster. Read the article below to find out more info on our title entry and what to expect! :fnatic:

News: Fnatic Enters Teamfight Tactics

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Avatar for Catxalote
Catxalote@CATXALOTE• 08/05/2024
Loading...We are gonna destroy here
Avatar for Sneshu
Sneshu@Sneshu• 07/05/2024
Loading...Welcome! 👏🏻👏🏻
Avatar for diana
diana@baoziioo• 07/05/2024
Loading...lets goo!!
Avatar for Uldingrath
Uldingrath@Uldingrath• 07/05/2024
Loading...Welcome to the orange & black family :)
Avatar for Rayo
Rayo@Rayo• 04/05/2024
Avatar for RanDoMEz
RanDoMEz@RanDoMEz• 04/05/2024
Loading...Great signings
Avatar for Lethargic Cookie
Loading...Exciting!! 🧡
Avatar for ro ornella
ro ornella@rornelly• 03/05/2024
Loading...welcome boys!! 🧡
Avatar for arjin1025
arjin1025@arjin1025• 03/05/2024
Loading...good job!
Avatar for Barbss
Barbss@Barbss• 03/05/2024
Loading...This is so exciting! Lets gooo 🧡🖤
Avatar for MrFoxy
MrFoxyPioneer Key Holder@MrFoxy• 03/05/2024
Loading...While I'm not familiar with TFT, lets's just pretend I am: OMG, THATS HUUUUGE!!! LETS GOOOOOO 😅😅 (I have no idea, how to play the game nor who our new roster is 😅😅😅...send help 🤣🤣)
Avatar for HappyPig
HappyPig@HappyPig• 03/05/2024
Loading...POG! 🧡🖤⚡
Avatar for Chaos Lyulf
Chaos LyulfModerator@ChaosLyulf• 03/05/2024
Loading...Welcome! What a signings, gonna be interesting to follow the TFT scene as i'm a complete newcomer.
Avatar for uNDeRCoVeRBoSS
Loading...Nice to see them join the TFT! Welcome to Fnatic
Avatar for Catxalote
Catxalote@CATXALOTE• 03/05/2024
Loading...Welcome to the family TFT guys
Avatar for TeilzeitSniper
Loading...Whoop whoop🥰
Avatar for ZIWHu
ZIWHuCitizen Key Holder@ZIWHu• 03/05/2024
Avatar for Kuro
KuroCitizen Key Holder@Kuro• 03/05/2024
Loading...Welcome :) looking forward to coming 8th with you both!
Avatar for Rachel
RachelOfficial@rachel• 03/05/2024 excited for this!!!!!
Avatar for FatalityMantis
Loading...Welcome 🖤🧡
Avatar for eroxiity
eroxiity@eroxiity• 03/05/2024
Loading...i can’t wait!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Avatar for TK
TKModerator@AdamTKWallace• 03/05/2024
Loading...Can’t wait to see them play! Haven’t really watched any TFT pro games so this will be fun! 💪🏻🧡
Avatar for cArn
cArnOfficial@cArn• 03/05/2024
Avatar for Mooohnm
MooohnmCitizen Key Holder@Mooohnm• 03/05/2024
Loading...Love TFT. Having fnatic guys to support is a blast!
Avatar for Franky
FrankyCitizen Key Holder@Franky• 03/05/2024
Loading...Lets goooo more Fnatic 🔥🔥welcome in the family