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Claim your own VCT EMEA Stage 1 Champion Trophy now!

Claim your own VCT EMEA Stage 1 Champion Trophy now!

Hello Fnatics! 🧡

Celebrate yesterday's victory with us and claim your very own VCT EMEA Stage 1 Champion Badge before it's gone next week! 🏆

In order to claim the VCT EMEA S1 Champion Badge, make sure to follow Valorant on the app and claim yours today!

We wanna see our fan's trophy cabinets! Share a picture below of all the Valorant trophy badges you have claimed on your profile. :orange-valorant:

chronicle app badge.png
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Avatar for Uldingrath
Uldingrath@Uldingrath• 20/05/2024
Loading...I did :) I easily grabbed the Trophy like the boys did :)
Avatar for AshRunsAway
Loading...Not too shabby if you ask me :) ![9745214b-83e4-487a-b054-daacf8a63347.jpeg](
Avatar for florabunda
florabunda@florabunda• 18/05/2024
Loading...FNC valorant ftw! ![AA2DE29F-E2F5-4193-B90F-2B2BCCCB9BF2.png](
Avatar for TK
TKModerator@AdamTKWallace• 14/05/2024
Loading...Love the badges 🧡 ![282B325B-930E-42CA-A2C0-C7404361019D.png](
Avatar for creeper9781
Loading...Got non badges :3
Avatar for ueberboss
ueberbossCitizen Key Holder@ueberboss• 14/05/2024
Loading...Nice! ![6FB1F3E1-F39A-49F4-AAFD-8B3D5596DC07.png](
Avatar for darthmag
darthmag@darthmag• 14/05/2024
Loading...First badge 🧡🖤
Avatar for DTR
DTR@DTR• 14/05/2024
Loading...Really proud of the boys, keep being the best players of the world🧡🖤🔥 ![15549d81-0c1b-4f05-9b8b-f163c8b8a95b.jpeg](
Avatar for Dimman
Dimman@Dimman• 14/05/2024
Loading...I follow Valorant on the app but I can’t find where to claim the badge? 😱
Avatar for Far
FarOfficial@far• 14/05/2024
Loading...@Dimman Hey there - if you pull to refresh your home tab you should see it but let me know if not and can look into it for you
Avatar for Jacy
Jacy@Jacy• 14/05/2024
Loading...To moree badges!!❤️ Bring home Masters Shangai as well.. Goodluck bois ![09c02a84-736a-4f54-826e-873390a4885b.png](
Avatar for ro ornella
ro ornella@rornelly• 13/05/2024
Loading...Yippieee! 🫰🏻 ![0DF42C47-33A2-478F-8AEB-0376E658E612.jpg](
Avatar for Joeri_bx
Joeri_bxCitizen Key Holder@Joeri_bx• 13/05/2024
Loading...How to claim ?
Avatar for Sneshu
Sneshu@Sneshu• 14/05/2024
Loading...@Joeri_bx They should appear at the top of the home section or you’ll get a notification. I think they only appear for the games you’re following, but I could be wrong 😊
Avatar for sericeu
sericeu@sericeu• 13/05/2024
Loading...sorry sorry i’m confused what do i do to get the badge 🥺
Avatar for saturn_rx
saturn_rx@saturn_rx• 13/05/2024
Loading...can't wait for more to come 🧡 ![0f4cd245-095b-4e0b-a64c-f69b13fc453c.jpeg](
Avatar for AzraelDemen#pizza
Loading...Not many but memories ![5ADB366B-77DE-4543-8941-DF02A6CEF589.jpg](
Avatar for COLT
COLT@COLT-GAMER• 13/05/2024
Loading...I haven't lots of badges but when i see these badges it makes me happy.. ![f37efcad-261c-4977-8acd-8f7f1b0a3dfb.jpeg](
Avatar for Efe
Efe@Efe• 13/05/2024
Avatar for Efe
Efe@Efe• 13/05/2024
Loading...@Efe Also mines are here :) ![cfa3151c-9bba-42e8-94a6-95b6c34e8cf6.jpeg](
Avatar for KarmaTurnip
Avatar for LaminatedLemon
Loading...Not too bad! ![10E6FE2F-1247-4773-8BB2-35DC7E40FAF4.jpg](
Avatar for Natsuami
Natsuami@Natsuami_• 13/05/2024
Avatar for Brincki
Brincki@Brincki• 13/05/2024
Loading...decent, hyped for the the "Masters Shanghai champion badge" 🫡🫶🏼 ![9041CACF-CE10-49EC-89EA-0299829E87F8.png](
Avatar for Distriction
Loading...Also got 2 event badges! 🫰🏻 ![2b55c92c-fc1e-4791-b1da-f4103fe380cc.jpeg](
Avatar for Franky
FrankyCitizen Key Holder@Franky• 13/05/2024
Loading...One more 🫡
Avatar for COLT
COLT@COLT-GAMER• 13/05/2024
Loading...@Franky Show us your badges bro
Avatar for Babs
BabsCitizen Key Holder@Babs• 13/05/2024
Loading...It’s a start!! ![D406C75A-30D4-4F3D-8DD4-4D7AC8BD26D2.png](
Avatar for Natserya
NatseryaPioneer Key Holder@Natserya• 13/05/2024
Loading...More more badges! GG Guys! ![B11AD349-41C1-4FCF-A18C-671A728F8B5F.jpg](
Avatar for babydragonfly
Loading...masters shanghai badge soon? 👀🫶 ![87B9B8C7-6B5D-416C-AD3B-7E037E244125.jpg](
Avatar for drift
drift@drift• 13/05/2024
Loading...I'm ready!
Avatar for CashmereEmpire
Avatar for heny
henyCitizen Key Holder@heny• 13/05/2024
Loading...More badges!! ![26f2580d-899c-4b28-a864-5be5cd3ed407.jpeg](
Avatar for ShadowIU_
ShadowIU_Moderator@ShadowIU• 13/05/2024
Loading...@heny 💯
Avatar for yami
yami@kvrYami• 13/05/2024
Loading...not bad if u ask me 🧡 ![FF4D2E62-1660-43D8-B9B9-998121535821.png](