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2024 CS2 Roster Update - Welcome blameF and Independent!

2024 CS2 Roster Update - Welcome blameF and Independent!

Hey Fnatics! :orange-cs2:

We’re excited to announce the signing of Benjamin blameF Bremer to the FNATIC CS lineup as one of our riflers. He will be joining us ahead of the CCT Global Finals this Friday.

Additionally, we are happy to welcome Miks Independent Siliņš as our Assistant Coach. Having worked with the team already, we’re excited to see how Miks elevates the team even further in the games to come!

Read the article below for more info! :fnatic:

News: 2024 CS2 Roster Update

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Avatar for KetKitsune
KetKitsuneModerator@KetKitsune• 01/06/2024
Avatar for hunie
hunie@hunie• 25/05/2024
Avatar for adm
admPioneer Key Holder@adm• 16/05/2024
Loading...Welcome 🔥
Avatar for Majestik-Moose
Loading...Huge news! Thank you Fnatic management for giving this team and fans a signing that could shift the future of this team. Cannot wait to see BlameF in action.
Avatar for Rekkles del colocolo
Loading...Awesome !!! Big W
Avatar for The French Prodigy
Loading...Welcome 🔥🔥🔥
Avatar for scubadfs
scubadfs@scubadfs• 16/05/2024
Avatar for Moff
Moff@Moff• 15/05/2024
Avatar for Lars89
Lars89Citizen Key Holder@Lars89• 15/05/2024
Loading...Another Welcome !
Avatar for TK
TKModerator@AdamTKWallace• 15/05/2024
Loading...Welcome! 🧡
Avatar for Wazza
WazzaOfficial@Wazza• 15/05/2024
Avatar for Catxalote
Catxalote@CATXALOTE• 15/05/2024
Loading...Finally theyve heard our prays who is he subbing
Avatar for ElRey11
ElRey11@ElRey11• 15/05/2024
Loading...Welcome Blame 🧡🖤
Avatar for Franky
FrankyCitizen Key Holder@Franky• 15/05/2024
Loading...Welcome 🧡🖤
Avatar for m4Loy
m4Loy@m4Loy• 15/05/2024
Loading...BlameF is good, but i think Fnatic still have problem with awp, afro is not good anyway
Avatar for SteadyEddy
SteadyEddyOfficial@SteadyEddy• 15/05/2024
Loading...Welcome welcome!!
Avatar for Anton Stefanov
Loading...I don't follow much of CS but even I know that's a good pick up. Hopefully he bring some life to this roster
Avatar for Lethargic Cookie
Loading...Welcome aboard, Independent 🫡🧡🖤
Avatar for Karliggula
Karliggula@Karliggula• 15/05/2024
Avatar for Frisky
FriskyPioneer Key Holder@Frisky• 15/05/2024
Loading...daddyF 🤤🤤🤤
Avatar for Rayo
Rayo@Rayo• 15/05/2024
Avatar for Lethargic Cookie
Loading...Huge signing, welcome aboard, blameF 🫡🧡🖤
Avatar for Sextiz
Sextiz@Sextiz• 15/05/2024
Loading...Massive massive signing. Big win from FNC. You put the money where your mouth is, this is the way we all wanted. Lets fucking go
Avatar for reallyama
Loading...It is not enough yet, out afro bodyy 2 french add decent igl and awper
Avatar for Sneshu
Sneshu@Sneshu• 14/05/2024
Loading...Welcome! Quality signing 🔥
Avatar for Stowerling
StowerlingPioneer Key Holder@Stowerling• 14/05/2024
Loading...Welcome 🫡
Avatar for FuriousSyndrome
Avatar for Lars89
Lars89Citizen Key Holder@Lars89• 14/05/2024
Loading...Welcome !
Avatar for Lockah
Lockah@Lockah• 14/05/2024
Loading...Awesome , good job signing him
Avatar for Solar
Solar@Solar2006• 14/05/2024
Loading...Welcome 👏🏻
Avatar for Fnatic Sam
Fnatic SamOfficial@sam• 14/05/2024
Loading...Welcome blame!
Avatar for magrob
magrob@magrob• 14/05/2024
Loading...Now we’re talking…
Avatar for Masterrein
Masterrein@Masterrein• 14/05/2024
Loading...Wow, we actually did something! Great signing 💪
Avatar for Kerator
KeratorPioneer Key Holder@Kerator• 14/05/2024
Loading...Such a good signing. There ist still hope for the cs team
Avatar for Justin
JustinPioneer Key Holder@Justin• 14/05/2024
Loading...we’re cooking
Avatar for Royal16
Royal16@Royal16• 14/05/2024
Loading...Welcome to Fnatic! 💪
Avatar for owenmelbz
owenmelbzOfficial@owenmelbz• 14/05/2024
Avatar for Franky
FrankyCitizen Key Holder@Franky• 14/05/2024
Loading...I don't know the player, what's his level? Anyway welcome :fnatic: :hype: :fnatic:
Avatar for Sneshu
Sneshu@Sneshu• 14/05/2024
Loading...@Franky He was benched by Astralis in Feb I think. Really good player 😊
Avatar for RossR
RossROfficial@RossR• 14/05/2024
Loading...Welcome aboard.
Avatar for cArn
cArnOfficial@cArn• 14/05/2024
Avatar for darwin
darwinOfficial@darwin• 14/05/2024
Loading...FNATIC W